A Typical Day for the Kennons in Puerto Vallarta

Life has changed in many ways since moving to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The way we eat is different, the way we commute is different, and our daily routines are different.

Quick Note

Although we live in paradise, our life is pretty boring. If you are thinking of moving abroad so that you can go surfing or kiteboarding every day, don’t. Unless you have unlimited funds to do that everyday! Move abroad so that you can live like the locals. Experience the culture and cuisine and get our of your comfort zone.

Although in writing our daily routine is fairly tame, there is not a single day in which we aren’t learning or experiencing something new!


We are in the middle of the tax busy season. Because of that, Hillary usually wakes up around 5am to get her day started! She typically works 10-12 hour days so she prefers to get started as early as possible. So far, I have taken advantage of being able to sleep in until 6 or 6:30am.

After staggering out of bed, I check on Hillary, make some peanut butter toast, and drink some water. The first 20-30 minutes of my day is spent just trying to figure out where I am! Four days a week, Hillary accompanies me over to Crossfit Zapapta. If I wasn’t awake before, Crossfit usually helps assist in that process!

After class, Hillary and I begin the hike up the hill to our condo. This hill is hard to climb when you aren’t tired, much less after exercising!

Living in paradise can be hard work! 😥🏃🏻

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After taking a shower, making some coffee, and eating a few eggs, I descend down the mountain at 9am to catch the bus to my volunteer location.

Taken at the Puerto Vallarta city dump. Hundreds of people come here every day to dig through the trash to find items that they can use or sell.

Hillary stays behind to work from home 🙁 

The bus rides here in Puerto Vallarta are an experience.

Usually the morning rides aren’t too bad, as it isn’t hot yet. However, the evening ride back home is usually stifling! No matter the time of day, there are usually people singing or telling stories on the bus to make a few pesos. I am always surprised by how many people give money to these entertainers. I’m not sure I ever saw that kind of generosity in Dallas, Texas. 


After a few hours of volunteering, I take the bus back home and then Hillary and I have a late lunch at 2 or 3pm.

Here is a short video showing a typical lunch walk during low season. 


After lunch, Hillary goes back to work for a few hours and I am left to my own devices. Typically, that means a short nap and maybe some reading or writing before Hillary is off work. During the months of July-September it gets pretty warm in the middle of the day in Puerto Vallarta and getting out and about is never a good idea for us.

Even on the weekends, the afternoons are a time for us to recuperate in the A/C for a little while!


During the evenings, we like to stay at home to cook and watch the sunset from our balcony, or to go downtown to eat and walk around the beach.  We want to take advantage of being so close to the beach while we are here! There are so many restaurants in our area that we could eat at a different one for dinner every night of our stay. Or so it seems!

When we lived in Dallas, our evenings weren’t that different than they are here. Instead of watching TV, we watch the sunset. Instead of walking around a few condo buildings, we walk through a city bustling with life!

One thing we love about Puerto Vallarta is the sense of community. Everybody is so friendly and willing to help one another. Almost every evening while we are out walking we see people from our neighborhood or from Crossfit Zapapta. Although we have only lived in Puerto Vallarta for 2.5 weeks, the people here make you feel right at home. I can’t vouch for other American cities, but Dallas never made us feel this way.

After Thoughts

Some people may think our life in Mexico is a constant vacation.

“Man that must be nice”, we hear.

And don’t get me wrong, it is nice. But it also wasn’t handed to us.

Hopefully through learning about our daily routine, you know that everyday isn’t spent lounging at the pool and zip lining! Although I do hope we zip line soon!

For our family at home that is worried about us, our days are also NOT spent avoiding the drug cartels!

We are both very appreciative of the opportunity that we have made for ourselves. I am blessed to be writing this while looking out on the ocean from our condo. If you have a goal or dream, obsess over and make choices every day that put you a little closer to achieving that goal. Before you know it, you’ll be in a foreign country doing things you would have never imagined!

Stay tuned to hear about all of the delicious food we have been eating:)

If you’re new here, read about the time that I thought I knew how to speak Spanish

Keep it Kinetic,


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