How to Travel and Stay Fit

How to travel and stay fit

How to Travel and Stay Fit

You’re going to the beach and you’ve worked hard to look good. But you don’t want to get off track during or after your vacation.

We’ve all been there.

Luckily, a few simple tips will prevent you from getting out of shape during your upcoming vacation! 

Before I dive into the particular steps that will help you stay fit while traveling, I want to discuss something that has the ability to destroy your best intentions.


Set extremely high standards for yourself. In all aspects of life, but for the purpose of this post, for your health and fitness. If you have high standards, and abide by them, it will make staying healthy and fit much easier.

This year I have set the standard of working out and stretching every single day. No questions asked. If we are on the road, on a boat, or even if I am sick, I am going to exercise and stretch. By setting and sticking to that standard, I am setting myself up for success.

You can do the same.

You will rise or fall to the standards you have for your behavior.

Set the bar high!

Ok, now that Coach Greg is gone, we can get back to some more concrete actions you can take.

Walk, walk, and walk some more

This one is what saves Hillary and I from losing any fitness when we travel. We walk EVERYWHERE! Often times the best way to learn about a new place is to take off on foot and get amongst the people! You may not be able to see as many attractions this way, but you will have the added benefit of getting to know smaller areas much more intimately!

Try new food, but in moderation

I get it, you’re a foodie (who isn’t these days), and you like to try need food when you travel! So do we! Just do it in moderation! I know that is a boring piece of advice, but it will save your waistline and prevent any stomach issues….overeating in a new country or unfamiliar restaurants can have pretty terrible unintended consequences.

Try a small amount of several different things instead of stuffing yourself with everything! You want to remember how good the food tasted, not how terrible you felt the day after eating it!  

Exercise first thing in the morning

If you don’t want to lose your fitness, you’re going to have to do more than walk! Bummer, I know! The key to exercising on a vacation is to do it first thing in the morning before you do anything else.

Once you head out the door to see all of the sites, it is not likely that you are going to “find” time in the afternoon or evening to exercise.

Trust me. I’ve been there!

Head to the gym as soon as you get out of bed and do a quick 10-20 minute routine. Your goal during your vacation is not to get more fit, just to not lose any fitness. So don’t beat yourself up about only working out for a short period of time.

Hit it hard and fast and you will probably come back from your vacation feeling rested and better than ever!

A sample workout could be:

5 Rounds for time

15 Dumbell Squats (Pick a weight that is difficult to complete 15)

20 Pushups

That is a quick and effective workout that will leave your arms, legs, and lungs all burning for oxygen!


10 Rounds for time

25 Bodyweight squats

15 Pushups

20 Forward Lunges

The specifics of what you did when you exercise are a lot less important than the fact that you are doing SOMETHING.

Go fast, hard, and get it over with so you can enjoy your vacation! Don’t be that person that spends 2 hours in the gym every day of your vacation!

Not cool, bro. Not cool!

I refuse to give you any fitness advice that sounds sexy or new. If simple works, why make it complicated?

Move and eat in moderation.

Obviously that is not as easily done as it is said, but it’s doable nonetheless. If you are committed to staying fit and in shape, these 3 simple tips are the least you can do to maintain the level of fitness that you’re at.


Keep it Kinetic,


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