First of all, THANK YOU for being here! We are so thankful for the support and encouragement from you all. From every view on Youtube, social media message, email, phone call, and meet up—it is the biggest joy of our lives to do what we do!


If you would like to support our mission of pursuing all of the goals and dreams on our Bucket List, here are a few ways--





Patreon is one way to join our community and financially support our work through a monthly contribution. We have a few different membership levels through Patreon that each come with their special perks and benefits (including video shout-outs, meet-ups, and more!)




Want to support our work with a one-time contribution? Venmo is easy to use and safe for sending us any amount you’d like at the touch of a finger! Here is a link to our Venmo account:





Look, our gear is old. That’s all there is to it..there’s no sugar coating that one! We bought our laptops in Spring of 2017 and they have carried us through tons of adventures so far! We use the camera lens that came with our camera as our main shooting lens, and our drone was invented when dinosaurs were roaming. Our gear is what we use to create the very best videos possible to share all of our bucket list adventures! If you would like to helps upgrade any part of our gear, please use this link to check out our wishlist for gear upgrades!





Want to sponsor an official Kinetic Kennons Bucket List Adventure?! Let us know what you’re thinking at kinetickennons@gmail.com 




Thank you all so much for supporting our work—we are forever grateful for every single one of you!