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A little about us...

Welcome to our adventures!! If it is your first time around here, we are the Kinetic Kennons and we are SO glad you are here! 

What if you spent your life actually pursuing and chasing the things you want  do, see, and experience before you die? What if you chased all of the things on your Bucket List?  


This is our mission. We’re going to see new places, explore new heights, learn new languages, experience new ways of life, and pursue the goals, dreams, and adventures on our bucket list. 


It’s time we truly start to LIVE CON TODO. Are you ready? 



More about our channel...

Our mission to pursue our Bucket List is an attempt to live “Con Todo” attempt at going all out and all in on life!

Who are we to want anything more from life?


We have been so incredibly fortunate and lucky to do the things we have done. The Kinetic Kennons Bucket List isn’t about crossing items off a “to-do” list. Truth be told, this is a mission that we will never complete.


With everything that we experience, every person we meet, and every place we go we will learn, adapt, and grow. 


The things we dream of doing, having, or experiencing now will change and evolve with us over time. For some, that may mean jumping out of airplanes and off of waterfalls. For others, that may mean breaking a phone addiction and being more present with their newborn baby. 


This mission is about discovering what our limits are. 


There is only one way to do that- push the limits.


Try, fail, learn, repeat! 


We hope along the way we can inspire you and others to do the same. To TRY. To get out of a rut of complacency. To push the boundaries and chase your dreams. To be able know that at the end of your life you can honestly say that you gave it everything that you had. 


100% Mexican Coffee...

Mexico has some of the world's best coffee--yet it is nearly impossible to find in the United States!


At Con Todo Coffee, we are here to change that. We provide freshly roasted, 100% Mexican coffee straight to your door so that you can enjoy the best of Mexico, no matter where you are! 

We want you to know TODO about your coffee. More than sharing facts about the actual coffee including its region of origin, growing altitude, and bean variety, we want to share the stories of the families that work so hard to create your delicious cup of coffee each morning. This is our entire purpose and why we have created Con Todo Coffee.

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