Safety in Puerto Vallarta: What You Need to Know

crime in puerto vallarta safety in puerto vallarta

Is It Safe in Puerto Vallarta?

If you have ever seen any of our Youtube videos, then you have been able to get a decently good glimpse of the scenery around Puerto Vallarta. You have also seen us carrying around phones and cameras, all without worrying about being robbed. That should give you an indication of how worried we are about being robbed. Don’t get me wrong, we still stay well aware of our surroundings and we occasionally have to hide what we are carrying if we see a random drunk guy walking down the street, but we have never had any issues.

If you have not seen our videos, shame on you! (Only kidding of course, but you should check them out!) As for whether PV is safe, here it is, short and sweet:

Yes, Puerto Vallarta is safe.

Don’t believe me?

Check out the site below and compare the crime ratings for Puerto Vallarta to where you live. I am willing to bet that Puerto Vallarta is rated as more safe than your hometown! In fact, Puerto Vallarta is rated even safer than my hometown of Denton, Texas. I would never think of Denton as an unsafe place, so that tells you something about safety in Puerto Vallarta.

Is there crime in Puerto Vallarta?

Of course!

People do live here and sometimes people make bad decisions. However, we have never witnessed a crime or been a victim of a crime (knock on wood). Mexico has a poor reputation in the United States. The U.S. Department of State even just put out a Mexico travel warning.

Are you serious!? There are some dangerous parts of Mexico, but to put out a warning that encompasses the entire country seems a little much (in our opinion). Would people be scared to travel to San Francisco if there was a gang shooting in New York City? Even if there was a shooting in San Fran, you probably would not even think twice about not going. However, a few bad incidents in Mexico made headlines for major news outlets in the US!

If you are thinking of traveling to, or even living in, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, be assured that crime is not an issue. You can walk down the street without fear of being robbed. You don’t have to worry about your home being broken into and nobody wants to kidnap you.

Who wants to kidnap somebody when you can relax on the beach?

We have had many guests come visit ranging from the ages of 1 to 65 and safety was never a major concern when showing our guests around.

As always, just be smart when you go out. Wearing really obnoxious jewelry is probably not a good idea. But that is advice we would give people when traveling anywhere, not just Mexico. Do not get crazy drunk and walk home by yourself at 3am. Again, probably not smart anywhere. Last, do not buy drugs from the people on the beach. That’s just asking for trouble!

Whatever you do, do not look at everybody like they are a criminal. If that is your worldview, you will not have any fun traveling anyways. Just flash a smile, say “buenos dias” whenever you pass somebody on the street in the morning, and you will be surprised by how nice everybody is in Puerto Vallarta.

In just a short time into your visit, you will be laughing about the fact that you even googled “Is Puerto Vallarta Safe?”

Enjoy your time in Puerto Vallarta and do not hesitate to email us any questions you may have about the city!

Keep it Kinetic,


Greg and Hillary


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