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The Ultimate Guide to Taxco, Mexico (updated 2022)

The Magic Town (Pueblo Mágico) of Taxco, Guerrero might be the most unique place we have ever seen in Mexico! The streets are incredibly windy, the taxis are old VW Bugs, and every building is white with a red roof. This colonial mining town is a great weekend getaway from Mexico City and is truly one of a kind!

What to Do 

Visit a Silver Mine-- We highly recommend the Mina Prehispánica de Taxco under the Hotel de La Mision. The tour costs $150 pesos (about $7.90 USD) and lasts about one hour. After the tour, you will head upstairs to the beautiful hotel restaurant to be served a complimentary cocktail. This is a great way to spend an afternoon and learn a bit more about this mining town! Address: Cerro de la Misión #32, Taxco de Alarcón

Shop for Silver-- This is THE town in Mexico to shop for silver! There are tons of places all throughout town so absolutely no shortage of shopping options (YAY!). We actually really enjoyed looking around at one store in particular, as the designer has added some colorful beads/jewels to the already beautiful silver pieces. Located right along the main square, there are tons of options here for jewelry pieces! 

Get Lost-- Seriously, plan to get lost in Taxco! Just embrace it! The streets are all tiny, hilly, windy, and absolutely beautiful! Forget your map because the terrain and layout of this amazing city render them useless! We were unintentionally lost several times and stumbled upon so many beautiful areas!

Visit a GIANT Cave System!-- The Grutas de Cacahuamilpa are a must-see if you are staying in Taxco. The cave system is so large that they have concerts inside! This is one of the most impressive things we have EVER seen and absolutely worth the 45 minute trip from Taxco. Note--this is about a 2 hour tour--approximately 2 kilometers (about 1.24 miles) into the cave and then 2 back out. The cost is $80 pesos (about $4.20 USD) per person and absolutely incredible!

Take the Teleferico (Cable Car) Ride to the Top of Town-- That's right! There is an incredible teleferico right in Taxco that will take you up to the top of town where the views are absolutely astounding! From the top, you can wander around the beautiful Monte Taxco Hotel, which has a huge terrace overlooking what seems like the entirety of Mexico! The cost is $95 pesos (about $5 USD) per person for a round trip ride. Address: Los Plateros 3, Taxco

what to do in taxco, mexico

Where to Eat

Pozolería Tia Calla-- Tia Calla is a third generation restaurant and a true success story! Though pozole is popular across Mexico, you can't find pozole blanco in too many places since this is typically from the state of Guerrero! If we returned to Taxco, we would probably eat here every. single. night. Try a "Yoli" soda while you're there--its a local version of Sprite--but better! 

Address: Los Plateros 125, Barrio de la Garita, Taxco

Restaurante Bar Pizza Acerto-- This is a great pizza option that is right on the main plaza. We even grabbed a pizza to take home for leftovers too--it was that yummy!

Address: Plaza Borda 12, Centro, Taxco

Bar Berta-- This is said to be the oldest, or one of the oldest bars in Taxco. It's in a great spot as the bar actually overlooks the main plaza. They have a large selection of cocktails including their special, "The Berta". This is just a great little place to grab a drink (or two) as you people watch!

Address: Plaza # 2, José de La Borda, Centro, Taxco

We hope that you have a great time in the mining town of Taxco!

Until next time, Have Less. Do More. Be More.

your guide to taxco, Mexico

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