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Staying at a Coffee Farm: The Chiapas Diaries Part 3

We recently took an impromptu trip to the SOCONUSCO (southern) area of Chiapas. We actually had another trip planned, but we had to cancel it at the last minute. A return trip to Chiapas has been a dream of ours ever since we left San Cristobal a year ago. There is so much to see and do in Chiapas that one trip really isn't enough.

The purpose of this trip was to learn about the process of making coffee. It is something that we drink every morning and we thought it would be really cool to get to see the process first hand.

During our trip we kept a daily diary of sorts. There will be four parts in total that we will release with the corresponding video on Youtube. You can read parts 1 and 2 here

Day 4 in Chiapas

We arrived to Finca Hamburgo yesterday evening. It was dark, cloudy, and rainy so we didn’t really get a chance to see anything but the inside of our room. We both woke up at 5:00am excited to take a look outside and explore the area.

NOTE: At only 65 dollars a night, this hotel is an absolute bargain!

We were like two kids on Christmas morning just itching to run downstairs to see what Santa brought us. We peeled back the curtain to peak outside.

It WAS like Christmas morning!

We both said “wow” at the exact same time.

Finca Hamburgo is located about 2.5 hours away from Tapachula and it is perched on the top of a hill that overlooks the coffee region. Outside our window we saw rolling hills that never seemed to end covered in rows of coffee. At around 1300 meters above sea-level, the hotel is situated just above the clouds. The clouds moved so incredible fast! It was like living inside of a timelapse.

It was truly magical.

We have seen a lot of incredible things in Mexico; canyons, waterfalls, volcanos, you name it. But the endless views at Finca Hamburgo make it one of the most breathtaking places we have ever seen.

"How lucky are we?"

As we walked around the property that is all I could think of.

One of the cool things about this hotel is that there is nowhere to go. Sure you can take a tour of the fields and the factory (which we will do tomorrow), but other than that, there isn’t anything to do. You are forced to relax, go slow, and take it all in. Which is something that we both need.

I know that we live in a beach town, but us being “Kinetic” and all, doesn’t lead to as much relaxation as we should allow ourselves.

Finca Hamburgo is just the medicine that we need.

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