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Our Time in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Cuernavaca serves as a second home to many of Mexico City’s elite. This vibrant town has maintained its charm quite well! In a country full of fun and festive plazas, Cuernavaca’s is right up there with the best!

Unfortunately, during our time in Cuernavaca we were super sick and didn’t have the opportunity to fully explore the city as we do others. Though we were sick, we somehow managed to make three Youtube videos that could hopefully serve as somewhat of a guide for your time in Cuernavaca! Here's a link to one of those where you can find our entire playlist of the other few videos from our few days there!

We apologize we cannot be of more help in terms of planning your next trip to Cuernavaca, however we would highly recommend stopping by this charming, colorful town if you have the opportunity!

Until next time, Have Less. Do More. Be More.

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