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A Complete Guide to Playa Las Animas in Puerto Vallarta

If you are looking for a relaxing beach day near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you can't go wrong by visiting either Playa Las Animas or the small village of Quimixto!

Las Animas vs. Quimixto-- Las Animas has arguably some of the prettiest water in the area as there is not a river nearby to make the water slightly murky like some of the other beaches in the area. The beach area is large and offers plenty of restaurant options, beach chairs, and water sports. The waves are small, making it one of our favorite beaches for the most calm, tranquil water in the area. Quimixto has an excellent beach as well (though it does have a river that comes out at the beach) and it is a perfect spot if you want to get away from the crowds and enjoy paradise without any interruption at all.

How to Get There-- Catch the orange bus that is just outside the Oxxo on the corner of Basilio Badillo and Constitucion. These busses leave every few minutes. Ride the bus all the way to Boca. This will take about 35 minutes and it will be the very last stop, so no need to worry about waiting or watching for a specific spot fo hop off--it will be apparent that it is the last stop as nobody will be left on the bus by that point! The bus will make a slight right turn and pull into a round about to let you off.  Directly outside of the bus you will see 2-3 small stands that sell waters, chips, and tours.  

Once you are off the bus, walk down the long stairs that lead into town. You will come to a cross street at the bottom of the hill. Turn right. This short road will lead you directly to the small pier in Boca de Tomatlan. Don’t worry, if you accidentally miss your right turn and continue straight you will still run into the beach! It’s just a little longer of a walk.

Now that you are at the pier you need to commandeer a water taxi. It is important to note that a water taxi will be much cheaper than having a “private driver”. Now the exact method in which you need to get a water taxi is still a little fuzzy. However, our method has worked for us thus far! Simply walk out to the pier and somebody will probably come and ask you where you want to go. Tell them you need a water taxi to Las Animas (or Quimixto).

Now is when the fun begins--figuring out the price. We have been told from a friend and native Puerto Vallartan/Quimixton (is that what people from Quimixto are called) that one way water taxi to Las Animas is 40 pesos and one way to Quimixto is 50 (prices accurate as of 2017).

We almost paid 300 pesos to go to Las Animas before our friend rescued us and took us to Quimixto with him. On our most recent trip to Quimixto we did not pay the round trip cost up front. We paid after we arrived in Quimixto and then once more in Boca. I doubt they would leave you behind if you paid up front, but paying after each leg is a little more incentive for the driver to make sure that you get back to Boca and that he gets his money!

Before getting on the water taxi make sure that you agree on a time that the taxi will pick you up and take you back to Boca! To get to either beach is just a short 10-15 minute boat ride. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the perfect beach day ahead of you!


If you have any other questions about Las Animas or Quimixto, send us an email at

Until next time, Have Less. Do More. Be More.

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