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El Ratón de los Dientes--The Tooth Mouse?!

TGIF, friends! We hope you have had a great week this week and we especially hope the weather wherever you are isn't too cold!


Greg-- This past week, it has been a lot of fun to spend time outside because the weather has been so beautiful! We have been waking up still super early but have been taking our mornings really slow and that has been extremely nice and refreshing. I tried two different new taco stands this week (video coming soon) and both were delicious!

Hillary-- Well, after Greg's foot injury I apparently decided I needed an injury of my own! Last week, as I was jumping onto a box in CrossFit as part of an exercise, I hit my shin on the edge of the box. It didn't hurt at all for the first few seconds but then quickly became extremely swollen (around the size of a baseball). It still didn't hurt at all during this time but I couldn't look it without feeling super faint.

So this week I have been babying my shin--I cannot run and I'm taking it super easy at the gym. This is nothing like Greg's foot, but I can start to appreciate the frustration with feeling hurt and unable to move around so freely. I have absolutely taken this part of our lives for granted and am now taking a step back (pun intended) in an effort to feel gratitude for the simple parts of our life--like being able to move around so easily and care free.


By far, the best food of the week were tacos de carnitas that Greg had for the first time. For those who may not know (me included), carnitas is most similar to pulled pork. It is tender, juicy, and quite flavorful. Of course once decorated con todo with salt, lime, and salsa, it's really a mouth fiesta! Greg really liked these tacos because he told me that they felt really healthy. The meat was really lean and there was no fat so he said he could eat them every day! Here's the address: Taquería La Santa Cruz, Lázaro Cárdenas 408, Zona Romántica, Puerto Vallarta


Last week, we ventured to San Sebastián del Oeste for the first time and there we were able to get in some great Spanish practice! It seems like across small towns in Mexico, we are really able to get in some great practice. This week we also learned that what is known as the tooth fairy back in the US is actually the "tooth mouse" here in Mexico--el ratón de los dientes! This was just a silly thing that we giggled about and realized how much we love learning about the small things in Mexico that are different from back in the US.

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As I mentioned earlier, we FINALLY made it to San Sebastián del Oeste (it's only been four years-ha!) This tiny mountain town had incredible weather and we also enjoyed a beautiful scenic view from a lookout near town.


This next week, we're planning to visit a super old hotel, a surfing town, and perhaps Christmas shopping (for myself) :) First things first, I'm making a holiday cheese board this weekend and I've been planning it out for days now. Will post pictures and updates over on Instagram (@kinetickennons) for the other cheese board enthusiasts out there :)

We hope you all have a great weekend!

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