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Complete Three Day Itinerary in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Okay-so you are coming to the amazing city of Puerto Vallarta and you want to know what to do?! We have put together an amazing three day itinerary for your upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta that includes plenty of fun, sun, and of course the best food around town!

Where to stay?

We suggest staying at the Los Arcos Hotel in the "Zona Romantica" area. This place as it all from great food options, nice rooms, and the PERFECT location! Bonus: beach chairs and umbrellas included!

You can book Hotel Los Arcos by clicking HERE.

Day 1

Breakfast: Coco’s Kitchen-- Tucked away off of Olas Altas, Coco’s kitchen has a great outdoor atmosphere, a cheerful waitstaff, and the food to match! Whatever you order, make sure you get the biscuits!

What to do: Check out Los Muertos Pier-- After leaving Coco’s Kitchen you will be about one block away from the beach! We suggest heading to Playa Los Muertos and enjoying the beach before the crowds! In addition to avoiding your fellow beach-goers, the water tends to be much more calm during the morning hours. Don’t forget to walk out to the pier for some amazing views of the city!

Lunch: Salud Super Food-- There is a reason Salud Super Food is rated as the number one restaurant in all of Puerto Vallarta. Who wants to look bloated while they sit on the beach?! No? No takers?! Isn't thatenough reason to check out Salud Super Food? Situated in the Zona Romantica just east of Los Muertos Beach, Super Salud is a perfect spot to grab lunch before or after hitting the beach. The menu is complete with smoothies, all day breakfast, veggie burgers, wraps, salads, and bowls with a variety of ingredient combinations. The quality of food at this place cannot be beat!

What to do: Playa Amapas Conchas Chinas-- Conchas Chinas is the perfect beach to get away and relax! The water is crystal clear, the rocks are picturesque, and there are plenty of sea shells to find!

Dinner: Mi Querencia-- You are in Mexico, you want amazing Mexican food, right!? Mi Querencia does not disappoint. Complete with great service, a great location, and most importantly, great food, this place has an authentic Mexican cheer to spread. The tableside guacamole is well worth it! I have had the Molcajete bowl, the fajitas, and the seafood and I have loved each (almost equally)!

What to do: Walk the Malecon-- Located right on the coast, the Malecon is a boardwalk full of shops, restaurants, and entertainment! Walking along the Malecon is the perfect way to spend an evening in Puerto Vallarta! We like to visit the Lady of Our Guadalupe Church, eat street food, and watch performers at the amphitheatre (near the church).  

Day 2

Breakfast: Cafe de Olla--Cafe de Olla has a more Mexican vibe to it than both Coco’s and Fredy’s. Try their coffee made with cinnamon "cafe de Olla" and the machaca eggs! Tip: this place can get crowded on the weekends.  They open at 9am and we recommend getting there around then to avoid the hubbub.

What to do: Souvenir Shop on La Isla Cuale-- Located on an island on the northern border of the Romantic Zone, the Rio Cuale is the perfect place to do all of your souvenir shopping. You may spot a few iguanas while you are there too (look high above in the trees surrounding the river!) Bonus: this area is a perfect place to go on a hot day because it is shaded and tends to stay substantially cooler than other places.

Lunch: Marisma Fish Tacos-- Marisma has the best shrimp tacos we have ever had! (and I have eaten lotsof food in my short 25 years). Put some chipotle sauce on your taco and your life will be forever changed! With excellent prices and fast service, Marisma is a perfect lunch spot! Located about a 15 minute walk straight up Basilio Badillo from the water, turn left directly before the tunnel-bright orange stand-you can't miss it!

What to do: Explore Los Arcos-- Los Arcos is the perfect place to witness the true beauty of Puerto Vallarta. The rocks themselves are amazing to see up close, but the fish beneath the water’s surface are even better! We suggest taking the orange bus to Mismaloya (from Basilio Badillo and Constitucion) and hiring a small boat to take you snorkeling. We have paid around $15-20 USD per person for a group of 6 to snorkel for an hour. Tip: we arranged with the boat driver beforehand to snorkel for about 30 minutes then take a nice boat ride along the shore to the north and south for the other time. Such a beautiful shoreline helps make for some great photo opportunities!

Dinner: La Palapa-- Fancy dinner right on the beach? Yes please! Though La Palapa seems to be on the expensive side for our budget, it will seem like a bargain coming from the United States or Canada. La Palapa has excellent food, top notch service, and the best view in town!

Day 3

Breakfast: Fredy’s Tucan-- If you are looking to enjoy a delicious breakfast in a great atmosphere, Fredy’s Tucan is the perfect spot! Fredy’s has a good mix of both American and Mexican breakfast staples. The buttery pancakes melt in your mouth, the chorizo is cooked to perfection, and the Machaca con Huevos is equally as delicious. The owner and entire wait staff are some of the friendliest in PV which makes this a weekend favorite of ours!

What to do: Relax at Swell Beach Bar at Los Muertos Beach-- It’s the last day of your vacation, you deserve to sit back, relax, and drink a beer (or margarita. or piña colada. or all three.) Even if it is not even lunch time---there is nothing as relaxing as sipping a good drink on a (somewhat) empty beach! Tip: the margaritas here pack a punch. And by punch I mean I have two and I'm through :)

Lunch: Derby City Burgers-- Sometimes a big juicy burger is the only thing that can fill those lunch time cravings! Derby City Burgers has an excellent selection of burgers, salads, and appetizers and at a great location too. If you are really hungry, we suggest ordering the onion rings or fried pickles. Trust us- they are worth your vacation calorie bucks! Bonus: these people (magicians, really) create the best milkshakes. Nutella is our favorite.

Sadly, all vacations (and good things!) must come to an end! You are about to embark on a trip of a lifetime! There is so much more to do and see in Puerto Vallarta, but we can't wait to hear all about your trip to one of our very favorite places across all of Mexico!

Until next time, Have Less. Do More. Be More.

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