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Best Breakfast Spots in Puerto Vallarta

Buenos dias amigos! One of the very best parts about Puerto Vallarta is the food. I know I know--there's the beach and the boardwalk and the beautiful mountains, but once you've been here you will understand--the food is absolutely delicious! Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day so we have compiled a list of the very best breakfast spots all across Puerto Vallarta!

Fredy's Toucan

What makes it so great? Fast service, a great combination of Mexican breakfast dishes and American breakfast dishes.

Tip: Fredy's does get pretty busy during the months of November-May so I would arrive early to beat the crowds

Address: Basilio Badillo 245, Emiliano Zapata

Mi Cafe

What makes it so great? This place is breakfast magic. The restaurant is very comfortable (yes there's even AC!) The portion sizes are HUGE, and the prices are extremely fair.

Tip: delicious coffee that never ends! A bit off the beaten path but a nice walk back into the heart of Emiliano Zapata, Mi Cafe is one of our newest favorites in Puerto Vallarta.

Address: Calle Francisco I. Madero 505, Emiliano Zapata

Coco's Kitchen

What makes it so great? Coco's Kitchen has a great environment, the best biscuits in the world, and excellent French toast!

Tip:The Chile relleno omelet is a must order, along with a biscuit on the side--this is one of the only places we have found a biscuit in Mexico!

Address: Púlpito 122, Zona Romántica

Pancake House

What makes it so great? Of course the pancakes are great, but the also have a great selection of Mexican style dishes all at a reasonable price as well.

Tip: They will bring you bread and jelly before your meal, but they have never brought us a plate to eat said bread...just eat the bread off of a napkin- it's worth it!

Address: Basilio Badillo 289, Emiliano Zapata, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

El Campanario

What makes it so great? Quite possibly the best prices in town, highly underrated, great location (near the Malecon and next to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church), and excellent authentic Mexican food!

Tip: The coffee here is super inexpensive (16 pesos) but does not come with a refill. But for 32 pesos, you can still enjoy two delicious cups at a decent price.

Address: Hidalgo 339, Centro

Salud Super Food

What makes it so great?  The croissant breakfast sandwiches are tasty and filling, the service is spot on, and it is a good spot to eat when you are in a rush.

Tip: They don't rush you or anything, but they do serve the food relatively quickly so it can be a great place to go if you want to head to the beach, catch a bus, or run errands afterwards. Bonus: they now have air conditioning! There isn't a ton of seating so you may have to cozy up next to another couple at breakfast, but the food is well worth sitting close to somebody!

Address: Olas Altas 534-A, Emiliano Zapata

Cafe de Olla

What makes it so great? The food is great (we love the chicken), the prices are hard to beat, and the coffee might be our favorite coffee in town!

Tip: The front of the restaurant doesn't have AC but the back does, so if you tend to get hot just ask to be seated in the back.

Address: Basilio Badillo 168, Emiliano Zapata

Kaiser Maximilian

What makes it so great? Great "fancy" setting, excellent coffee, great place to sit down, relax, and enjoy the greatness of Puerto Vallarta.

Tip: This is a great place for a nicer breakfast but still at a reasonable price point! The bread is delicious!

Address: Olas Altas 380-B, Zona Romántica


What makes it so great? It is highly underrated, excellent Mexican style breakfast dishes, and great people watching since it is located right along the bustling street of Olas Altas.

Tip: The coffee is delicious! Also--;plan to order the breakfast chile en nogada--this is an excellent spin on a traditional dish

Address: Olas Altas 425, Emiliano Zapata

Now that we're all hungry around here, feel free to shoot us an email at if you need any additional information on any of these great breakfast spots in Puerto Vallarta!

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Until next time, Have Less. Do More. Be More.

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