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A Dream Come True

Visiting Coffee Farms in Southern Chiapas

Happy Friday, amigos! We haven't been able to publish on Youtube much this week and we have missed you all. The good news though is that we weren't able to publish videos because we were exploring one of the most breathtaking areas of all of Mexico, Chiapas!


Greg-- The first time we visited Chiapas we were absolutely blown away! However, we left feeling like we had missed something...the Ruta del Cafe. Since that first trip to Chiapas, we have been dreaming about going back to the southern SOCONUSCO region to visit coffee farms. Last week, we were finally able to return to one of Mexico's most beautiful and traditionally rich states. I don't want to spoil *all* of the details so you will have to check back next week to catch some of what I believe to be, the best videos we have ever made.

Hillary-- Can you say "cheese board"! There are two things I love in this world, my family and cheese. Oh yeah, and Greg too! I know it sounds silly, but I have been planning to make this epic cheese board full of cheeses, meats, candies, you name it, I'm stuffing it on a cutting board!

Pictures to come on Instagram :)

Just in case you aren't familiar with Chiapas, here is a look back from our first trip ;)


One of the many benefits of living in Mexico is the abundance of excellent food! You can find good food pretty much anywhere in this country...except near the Hotel One in Tapachula, Chiapas! However, we didn't let that fact ruin our adventurous spirits. We walked over to Walmart and bought individual size packets of Greek yogurt and pan dulce. Was it the best food we have ever had? No. Definitely not. But it strangely felt perfect.

The actual best food we ate? Taqueria Las Güeras!

It had been a few weeks since we had eaten at Las Güeras and somehow we forgot just how delicious the tacos are! If you are looking for some of the best tacos al pastor you will find all across Mexico, Las Güeras won't dissappoint!

Address: Venustiano Carranza 457, Zona Romántica, Puerto Vallarta


Uff...this week was not a good week for studying Spanish.

Usually, whenever we travel it is difficult for us to find time to "study". The upside of this is that whenever we are traveling we normally spend much more time speaking to people on the streets, restaurant owners, etc. This leads to our tip of the week...

You can spend all of the time in the world studying, watching Netflix, doing grammar exercises, etc., but if you don't practice using the language in real life, you will continue to struggle to advance in your ability to use the language. Use Duolingo, watch TV in Spanish (with Spanish subtitles), and do grammar exercises, but don't forget to get your nose out of the textbook and practice talking to people in Spanish. You are going to make mistakes, but that's ok, that is all part of the process.

If you aren't making mistakes in real conversations you aren't trying hard enough! Or you are just way smarter than me ;)

If you don't live in Mexico and/or it is difficult for you to find people to speak to, we highly recommend using Baselang. Baselang is $150 USD per month and includes access to unlimited one-on-one personalized classes with live instructors via Zoom. The first few months that I took classes using Baselang I really took advantage of the unlimited classes; I probably took 4-7 hours of classes each day!

Try Baselang for one week for just $1 dollar!

**PS-In the paragraph above is our affiliate link to Baselang. By signing up through clicking our link, we may receive a discount or compensation from Baselang at no additional cost to you. We appreciating you supporting our work!


November 21st, 2018... I can't believe this was almost two years ago! Nevado de Toluca is one of the most incredible places in all of Mexico. November is a good time to year if you want to see a little snow in Mexico :)


Actually, we have no idea! Generally, after traveling we like to come back to Puerto Vallarta and just go slow for a few days. I would imagine there will be lots of beach time, lots of editing, and maybe a little tequila :)

Also, we will be doing a lot of writing! We are going to rank our favorite cities/places across all of Mexico, rank our favorite food, best colonial cities, etc. We have spent the last few years traveling Mexico and getting to know this amazing country, it is about time we update our blog with some new information to aid in your future travels! Until that time, we do have a guide written for almost every place we have visited in Mexico. From Aguascalientes to Zacatecas, we can help you choose where to stay, what to eat, and what to do!

We hope you all have a great weekend!

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