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A Complete Guide to Traveling Veracruz, Mexico

Our trip to Veracruz was a little different than most of our trips throughout Mexico in that we did it with 5 of our favorite people: Los Perms! Traveling with the Perms meant (for once) we were able to travel by car and not be limited by the destinations and times of ETN or Primera Plus! 

You won’t typically see too many articles, blog posts, or videos about people visiting Veracruz, Mexico. It just is not a state that gets much attention. However, for that reason Veracruz was such a surprisingly fun trip! Veracruz has some amazing destinations (many of which we weren’t able to see in just a few days) and because it isn’t a tourist hotspot, you won’t have to fight with other visitors to get some great pictures! There are three main destinations that we visited in Veracruz that we highly recommend.

Where to Visit

Boca del Rio/Veracruz 

The port cities of Veracruz/Boca del Rio have a Caribbean vibe that you won’t find anywhere else in Mexico. The colors, food, and music reminded us of our time in Puerto Rico! 

A visit to Veracruz wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Cafe Parroquia to drink the classic cafe con leche! We chose to stay at the AC Hotel by Marriott in Veracruz. This is one of the nicse places we have ever stayed and we would highly recommend staying there for your time in Veracruz. You can book the Marriott Hotel by clicking here.

Playa Chachalacas

If you are feeling adventurous, head north one hour by car (60 miles) to the most unique beach we have ever seen in Mexico- Playa Chachalacas! While most Mexican beaches are known for their beautiful sand and blue water- the main draw at Playa Chachalacas are the sand dunes! 

The huge rolling sand dunes are situated right on the ocean! It looks as if part of the Sahara Desert was transplanted to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico! For just a couple hundred pesos, you can rent a 4-wheeler and have the time of your life cruising up and down the dunes! 

♦ El Tajín

This ancient archaeological site cannot be missed! In fact, I think it might be our favorite site that we have visited in Mexico- even better than Teotihuacán or Chichen Itza, in our opinion! 

The architecture of the buildings is absolutely incredible and unlike some of the more popular ruins in Mexico (Chichen Itza!), you won’t have to find crowds to enjoy the amazing history of the site. This is where you can also see the famous Voladores de Papantla as well!

There is so much more the Veracruz than these three sites, but we hope this will give you a starting place for your next trip to Veracruz! As always, if you have any questions, send us an email at

Until next time, Have Less. Do More. Be More.

what to do in Veracruz, Mexico

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