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A Complete Guide to Valle de Bravo

We recently spent several days exploring the Pueblo Magico of Valle de Bravo and it was incredible! For us, one of the most important aspects of traveling is choosing the right place to stay along with the best activities to fill our time! We typically stay as close to the city center as possible and most definitely in a walkable area. For some, choosing the right accommodations can often be quickly overlooked as a second priority. But for us, having a comfortable place where we can really get some good quality rest is essential for us to explore!

what to do in Valle de Bravo


We partnered with Hotel Meson de Leyendas for our trip to Valle de Bravo and we found the hotel has so much to offer in terms of great accommodations! The hotel is situated approximately four blocks from the main square, which allows for a nice, 10 minute walk to a secluded and quiet location. This area of town is extremely walkable so there is no need to take taxis or anything to reach the hotel.

The hotel courtyard is absolutely beautiful. It feels as if you have stepped off of the city streets and into a tropical paradise! There are lush plants everywhere and the space is inviting and cheerful. There is plenty of seating to relax and enjoy the natural shade canopy over the courtyard. Since the hotel has only 13 rooms, the ambiance of this quaint, boutique style space never felt too crowded. The beauty of the hotel does not stop in the gardens! The rooms themselves are beautiful as well. No two rooms in Meson de Leyendas are the same--all have a special, unique touch to offer. Our room was filled with freshly blooming flowers and the best smelling soaps we have ever seen in a hotel (seriously--we wanted to ask for some to bring home!)

As you may know by now, we absolutely LOVE food. We are complete and total foodies, and we search for hotels with breakfast options available. The breakfast buffet at Meson de Leyendas was absolutely delicious! Complete with chilaquiles, breads, waffles, fruit and yogurt, and quesadillas and eggs made to order, we ate our weight in this tasty breakfast. The buffet breakfast is included for weekend stays and a continental breakfast is included on the weekdays. (We opted to change our continental weekday breakfast for the full buffet for $85 pesos each---totally worth it!)

Meson de Leyendas offers several spa packages from an extensive array of massages to jacuzzis, steam baths, and a sauna. They also have a traditional Temazcal, which is a type of sweat lodge which originated from Indigenous people. Here, the hotel leads a traditional cleansing ceremony.

Complete with a lush courtyard, beautiful, clean rooms, an incredible breakfast, and plenty of spa options, we are so glad we got to experience a stay at Meson de Leyendas! It was truly a great place to relax and refresh to be able to explore the wonderful city of Valle de Bravo!


Hotel Contact Information:

Hotel address: Bocanegra 405, Centro Valle de Bravo, Edo de México Mexico, 51200

Hotel reservations: 01 (800) 841-0764; international: +52 (726) 269-6282

Hotel contact:

a busy plaza in the pueblo of Valle de Bravo


Gaspart Studio is the masterpiece of Gaspart Tellez who has more than 33 years of experience in the United States. At their studio, they offer a wide array of woodworking classes--everything from a three-year technical program to become proficient in fine woodworking to casual classes for those interested in woodworking as only a hobby.

Also on-site, Gaspart and family have opened a School of Ceramics, built lodging in the form of wood-framed cabins, and also have opened a restaurant, Tellus Bistro, which serves Los Angeles fusion cuisine. Nearly everything on the spacious, peaceful property was built there on site. From the tables and chairs in the restaurant, to the art on the walls, to the cabins themselves--everyone in this family is truly talented.

We took a 4 hour woodworking class and crafted the most beautiful cutting boards. With Gaspart's help, we chose small pieces of various wood, and used several different machines and techniques to craft these unique treasures. Since I have never used any saw or big piece of machinery before, Gaspart took time to show us how each machine worked as well as how to safely use each one.

With Gaspart's help, we were able to create such a unique masterpiece that we will be able to cherish forever!

Workshop address: Prolongación Avenida Toluca 438, Barrio de Otumba, Valle de Bravo, Estado de México, MÉXICO 51200

Phone number: +52 (01) 726 262 2388

Contact Email:


We recently took a day trip the Piedra Herrada Butterfly Sanctuary near Valle de Bravo, Mexico and were able to witness thousands of brightly colored monarchs fluttering around in the early morning sun. While they cheerfully flew overhead, we silently listened to the roaring sound of their flapping wings...wings that recently traveled some 3,000 miles from Canada and the United States in order to mate as well as escape the harsh winter weather.

The trip was absolutely incredible and we highly recommend visiting this sanctuary to experience the migration of the monarchs! Below, we have outlined all the information needed to get there!

When:November-March. Note--the sanctuary can get very crowded on the weekends and around holidays. Plan to go during the week and earlier in the day if possible.

♦Where:Piedra Herrada Sanctuary located between Toluca and Valle de Bravo off of T.C. (Toluca-Cdad. Altamirano)-Valle de Bravo. There are plenty of food options there at the sanctuary, as well as lots of souvenir shopping available.

♦Cost: $60 pesos ($3.20 USD) per adult, $200 pesos ($10.80 USD) round trip for a horse and guide. Note--The horse ride was absolutely worth it. It was a nice 15-20 minute trail ride up to near the top and was so nice. There is still a 10-minute steep climb over rocks and dirt near the top after you "park" your horse.

♦Hours:9AM-4 PM every day

♦How to Get There: G: Medium with a 45-60 minute steep walk (if you choose the no horse route) up a paved pathway with handrail. Near the top, there is an additional 10-minute climb on unpaved rocks/dirt with no handrail.ile we explored, and then brought us back into town. Note: There are no taxis at the sanctuary.

Level of Difficulty: Medium with a 45-60 minute steep walk (if you choose the no horse route) up a paved pathway with handrail. Near the top, there is an additional 10-minute climb on unpaved rocks/dirt with no handrail.

Until next time, Have Less. Do More. Be More.

a complete guide to valle de bravo

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