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The Ultimate Guide to Snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Among the many incredible things to see in Puerto Vallarta is the snorkeling at the beautiful Los Arcos. Below we have detailed all of the information to easily explore and snorkel this pristine area near Mismaloya! You can check out some of our favorite recommendations for accommodations for your time in Vallarta by clicking here.

How to Get There-- Catch the orange bus that is just outside the Oxxo on the corner of Basilio Badillo and Constitucion. Ride the bus to Mismaloya, about a 20-30 minute ride depending on how many stops the bus makes along the way. Note: simply tell the bus driver as you are getting ON the bus that you would like to get off at Mismaloya. The stop is hard to miss as it is one of the more popular/busiest stops, but a heads up to the driver will ensure he/she will let you know when you are there.

Finding a Snorkel Charter-- As you exit the bus, walk down a winding road directly to the left of the big hotel, Barceló. Along that road, you will come across a dive shop on the left, Mismaloya Adventures. We have snorkeled with this company a few times and have been really happy. Note: you are able to customize your snorkeling/boating experience however you like. This is the bonus of booking a private trip vs. a shore excursion with other people. We requested one hour of boat time-30 minutes of snorkeling and 30 minutes of riding the boat around the rocks and along the shoreline.

The Cost-- The cost is negotiable and ever changing. We paid $1,000 pesos (about $58 USD) for four people on the boat, only two snorkelers, and one hour of boat time total. We tipped $200 pesos at the end of our trip. The boat captain did a great job and made sure we all had a great time. The price may differ depending on demand, time of year, etc.

The Beach at Mismaloya-- After snorkeling and exploring the coastline, we highly recommend spending some time at the beach at Mismaloya. With no waves, the water is pristine and calm. There is only one hotel on the shoreline, so it is typically not as crowded as other beaches in town. There are a few restaurants for when you get hungry (or need a margarita). Note: There is a river flowing into the ocean which offers ice cold, fresh water. This is great for rinsing off salt water before heading home!

Getting Back to Town-- This part is a breeze. Simply walk back up the winding road you walked down to get to the beach, and cross the street. Directly across the street is a covered bus stop. Catch the orange bus that says "Centro, Mismaloya, Boca" back to the Oxxo where you started your snorkeling journey. Enjoy your day!

If you are looking for great places to stay in Puerto Vallarta, you can check out some great AirBnb recommendations by clicking here.

As always, if you have any questions or need any additional information, shoot us an email at

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