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A Complete Guide to La Huasteca Potosina

We recently spent some time in San Luis Potosi for the first time and I think it may be my new absolute favorite place in Mexico! Here are a few details and specifics on things you need to know before heading on the trip of a lifetime!

How to Get There:

Flying into San Luis Potosi: there is an international airport in San Luis Potosi but flights into this airport are quite expensive. From the airport, take an Uber or taxi to the bus station and take the Omnibus de Mexico line from San Luis Potosi to Ciudad Valles. Price is $630 pesos. Note: All of these buses leave late at night and arrive in Ciudad Valles around 3:00am. Time of trip is approximately 4 hours.

Flying into Mexico City: flights into Mexico City are more reasonably priced, but the bus ride to Ciudad Valles is about 10 hours. From the airport, take an Uber to the Mexico Norte bus station and take the ETN bus to Ciudad Valles. Price is $930 pesos.

From Monterrey: take the Transportes del Norte bus from Monterrey to Ciudad Valles. Price is $935 pesos. Trip time is approximately 8 hours.

Coming from somewhere else? Feel free to send us an email at and we would be happy to help plan the best route to Ciudad Valles.

la huasteca potosina

Where to Stay:

We highly recommend staying in Ciudad Valles at Misión Hotel. This hotel is in a great location close to a few restaurants and Oxxos. The rooms are extremely clean and the AC is excellent, which is important since the temperature in Ciudad Valles can get really warm! There is a huge, nice pool that is clean and a great way to cool off after a long day of tours! The hotel also offers an extensive room service menu at fair prices. Our favorite part: the breakfast buffet! The food was delicious and there were tons of great options. We woke up each day and knew we would have a big breakfast to fuel us for our daily explorations!

Why Visit This Area:

If you are wanting to see some of Mexico's most incredible nature, you have to check out the state of San Luis Potosi. From waterfalls to caves, to gardens, this state is packed full of awesome nature!

what to do in la huasteca potosina

What to do:

We strongly recommend the company Msxpediciones for all of your tours around Huasteca Potosina. The tour guides are well informed and super friendly, the transportation is comfortable and air conditioned, the groups are kept small, and perhaps best of all, an awesome lunch is included! We recommend the Tamul waterfall tour, the tour of Micos, Minas Viejas, and Mecos falls, and the Edward James Sculpture Garden/Socalo tour as well.

How long to stay: 

We recommend staying 5-7 days. This will allow for the opportunity to take 3 tours around the Huasteca and allow for a few rest days in between. 

visit la huasteca potosina

What to bring:

Swimsuits, sunscreen, water shoes, bug spray, a water camera, and a waterproof small bag for a cell phone. Ciudad Valles and surrounding areas are very warm and muggy, so tank tops or light shirts and breathable shorts are appropriate.

San Luis Potosí is absolutely incredible! If visiting the Huasteca Potosina area was not on your bucket list before, it needs to be now! Not convinced? Go check out a few of our latest YouTube videos from the area and see first hand just how beautiful this area really is! Feel free to email us at with any other questions about this beautiful spot!

Until next time, Have Less. Do More. Be More.

your guide to the huasteca potosina

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