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A Complete Guide to Aguascalientes

Welcome to Aguascalientes! This beautiful central Mexican town is quiet, calm, and a nice mix of modern and traditional. Here are a few pro tips for your time in Aguascalientes--


We would recommend staying at Hotel Francia. It is located just a block away from the main Zocalo and cathedral and it is a nice, comfortable place that is also affordable. To book Hotel Francia click HERE.

Address: Av. Francisco I. Madero 113, Zona Centro, 20000 Aguascalientes


Mercado Morelos: This is a very small food market located in the heart of downtown Aguascalientes. We chose a place called "Fonda Lupita" where Greg had the chile relleno and I chose milanesa de pollo...both were so delicious we want to make another trip to Aguascalientes just to head back to this little food market. After that, Greg tried birria (a specialty from this area) at "Los Vazquez" and it too was deliciously memorable!

Address of food market: José María Morelos y Pavón, Zona Centro, 20000 Aguascalientes

what to do in Aguascalientes

Restaurante La Estación: This is a fancier place just right across from the old train station and the Plaza de las Tres Centurias (more on that below!) The restaurant offers incredible breakfasts that are huge. Well worth the extra cost for the ambiance and the great service (oh yeah, and the bomb food too!) Address: Calle 28 de Agosto No.210, Barrio de La Estacion, 20259 Aguascalientes


Plaza de la Patria: This is the main Zócalo in Aguascalientes. There is a beautiful plaza area, some statues, and the Palacio de Gobierno as well, which has some incredible murals and a nice big open courtyard/lobby area to look at. Address: 5 de Mayo 105, Zona Centro, 20000 Aguascalientes

Jardín San Marcos: This park is lined with shade trees and benches and is a nice, quiet place to relax in the shade. There is also a pretty church right next to the square as well as several places to grab a michelada! Address: Jesús F. Contreras, Barrio de San Marcos, 20070 Aguascalientes

Plaza de las Tres Centurias: This is an old train station that you can wander around that is fairly quiet and not too crowded. Note: there is no food or water here at the park so plan ahead. Great please to snap a few pics right next to a train! Address: Alameda 301, Barrio de la Estación, 20259 Aguascalientes

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Museo Espacio: Don't be fooled like we were...this is sort of like a "museum of space" where the exhibits will change over time..not a museum of exhibits of outer space :) Regardless, we had fun wandering around looking at the enormous pieces here! Address: Av. Gómez Morín S/N, AntiguosTalleres del Ferrocarril, 20259 Aguascalientes

Feel free to send us an email at with any other Aguascalientes questions!

Until next time, Have Less. Do More. Be More.

complete guide to aguascalientes

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