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Where to Get Pesos in Puerto Vallarta

If you are coming to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico we highly suggest you exchange your US dollars for pesos. You can pay in dollars at most places, but they are going to give you change in pesos and their exchange rates are usually not so favorable.

We typically get our pesos at one of the three ATM’s shown below. They are all attached to a large bank and we have never had any safety concerns at any of them.

Here is what we look for when trying to find an ATM to use:

  • Is it part of a bank?

We have heard some horror stories about people using the “cashola” ATM’s. These are the freestanding machines that you may see in some stores or just randomly on the sidewalk. They can’t all be bad, but I just don’t trust them. We prefer going to a bank ATM because if something goes wrong we can just go inside the store and try and straighten it out.

  • Is it in a populated area?

We try to look for ATM’s that are in a semi high trafficked area. We don’t want to use one on Time’s Square, but we also don’t want to use one on a small back road! If something were to happen (us getting robbed), we want enough people to be around that somebody else will see if happen, but not so many people that it is too easy for everybody to do nothing.

  • How much money can you get out?

This one is hard to know in advance, but through trial an error we have found that Intercam will only let us take out 3,000 pesos, Bancomer will let us take out 6,000 and CIBacno will let you take 6,000 as well. That may not be very important if you are only coming for a week, but we like to get out at least 5,000 pesos at a time so that it will last us a few weeks.

Can I use my debit/credit card?

Some establishments will let you pay with a card, but those places are few and far between. I would have a credit card on hand, but plan on making all of your purchases with cash!

Other Tips

  • Be sure to let your bank know that you are traveling to a different country so that your card does not get flagged
  • You can also exchange your dollars for pesos at your bank in the United States
  • What about using the exchange booths at the airport?
    • I am going to the airport today and I am going to figure out what their rates are for you!

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