Mexico Vs Costa Rica: Which Has Better Food?

Mexico vs. Costa Rica, which has better food?

Mexico Vs Costa Rica: Which Has Better Food?

If you are like most travelers, you love trying new food. We definitely do. We have spent months and months in Mexico, years in Texas eating Tex-Mex, and just a few days in Costa Rica. Despite our short time in Costa Rica, we had the opportunity to try a lot of different restaurants.

So which has better food- Mexico or Costa Rica?

First, let us start by speaking a little more in depth about the food in Mexico. We will probably do Mexico a huge disservice by misrepresenting what food in Mexico is like, but after all, we can only base our opinion on our personal experiences. If we butcher this, comment below and add in your favorite dishes.

One of our favorite restaurants in Puerto Vallarta is called El Mole de Jovita. They serve many dishes covered in different flavors  of Mole sauce. Our favorite dish at El Mole de Jovita is the grilled chicken breast with the traditional brown mole sauce.

Another Mexican favorite is tacos of course! In particular, the tacos al pastor are incredible. Similar to greek gyros, al pastor is pork meat that is slow cooked rotisserie style with a coal flame on the side of it. I can distinctly remember the first time I had tacos al pastor. They are that good! Similar to the chicken with mole sauce, we like tacos al pastor for the simplicity. Add a slice or two of pineapple, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and squeeze some lime juice on it and you are all set!  

There are a ton of other Mexican dishes that we love. Too many to name really. But the above are two of our favorites from Puerto Vallarta.

So what food did we enjoy in Costa Rica?

Let me quote Hillary from one of our early blog posts:

“During our short time there, we had the absolute best food we have ever eaten.  I mean, this stuff was life changing.  I hope to visit again only to be reminded of the greatness that is their everyday cuisine. Costa Rican “restaurants” are extremely different from the typical place in the states.  They are all outdoors, for one.  Called “sodas”, they are literally hole-in-the-wall places.  They are small, dirty, hot, and absolutely amazing.

I do not speak much Spanish, but I sure know what frijoles and arroz both mean 😉  Lunch was fried rice with either chicken, seafood, or vegetables (yes-I’m that person that ordered vegetables), and fried plantains.  The mound of food was exactly that-a mound.  I’m talking big fire ant bed sized plate of grub.  I barely put a dent in each meal.  Even Greg, the bottomless pit, couldn’t finish it.  One of the best parts-the entire lunch costs about $4-5.”

So which did we love more?

The rice, meat, and bean dishes of Costa Rica?


The tacos and mole sauce covered dishes of Puerto Vallarta?

We have to vote for Costa Rica!

We love Mexico and Mexican food, but the food we ate in Costa Rica was nothing short of magical! We did not even fully enjoy the area we traveled to in Costa Rica (Guanacaste), but we would go back there just to eat at a few restaurants again!

It is possible that Costa Rican food seemed more new to us than Mexican food. As simple as it is, we had never had anything quite like it. After all, we have grown up having different versions of Mexican and Tex-Mex food our entire lives.

We will have to go back to Costa Rica to confirm our opinion. Business trip!?

What do you think?

If you have had a chance to sample food from each country, which is your favorite?

What are some of your favorite Mexican or Costa Rican dishes?
Keep it Kinetic,

Hillary and Greg

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