What Does Mexico Look Like? // Life in Puerto Vallarta Vlog

So what does Mexico look like? If you have never been to Mexico, that seems like a fair question. If you have been to Mexico, you know that is a pretty ambiguous  question.

It’s similar to asking what Texas looks like. There are forrest, mountains, deserts, beaches, suburbs, ranches, slums, country clubs, and everything in between!

In today’s video we show you two very different sections of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


First we head to Pitillal. Pitillal used to be a city, but it was consolidated into the city of Puerto Vallarta. From talking to people around town, Pitillal is where a majority of the bell hops, taxi drivers, cooks, and other workers tend to live.

How did we get there?

We jumped on a green bus (stop mapped below) that said “Pitillal” in the bottom right hand corner. Not all green buses go to Pitillal so be sure that it has the name on the outside of the bus. If you are unsure, just ask the driver; “Va a Pitallal?” with a heavy inflection on the question mark and he should give you a simple yes or no.

The bus costs 8 pesos per person for a one way ride. Each time you get off and get back on you will need to pay again. A taxi to Pitillal would have costs around 100 pesos.

Once you are on the bus it’s about a 30 minute ride to the square. I will map below where we got off, but for reference, it’s 10 minutes past Costco and you will want to get off soon after seeing the large church that will be just in front of you.

So what do you do there?

Whereas el Centro really caters to both tourists and locals alike, Pitillal is 100% for the people that live there. The town square is lined with all sorts of shops and markets. Tailors, shoe stores, dress makes, toys, fish markets, comida corrida, etc.

The entire 4 block area that we walked around was nothing but a variety of different types of stores that cater to the working class in the area.

Unfortunately, we ate before going (our mistake), so we didn’t have the appetite to try any of the amazing local food that we passed. However, if you are in the mood for some authentic Mexican food, Pitallal is sure to have it!

After walking around for an hour, we sat in the main square and just people watched for several minutes. Pitallal is not the place to go if you are looking for an excursion or to be entertained. You go to Pitallal to get a better sense for what life in the Vallarta area and to get to know the culture of the area on a deeper level.

After showing Chris Pitillal I wanted to show him something completely different…


Liverpool, as we call it, or the Galerias Mall in Puerto Vallarta is a large shopping mall much like you would find in the United States. Though, I think it is actually much nicer than many of the malls I have been to in some areas on Dallas-Fort Worth.

There isn’t much worth writing about the mall, EXCEPT to say that Mexico is not just cacti and donkeys, as one of our subscribers put it. There are many sides to Mexico, just like there are many sides to Texas. There are areas that are very fancy and expensive, some that are just like suburban USA, and some areas that are just your everyday working class neighborhoods.

The video does a lot better job of showing these two different sides of the same city, so we suggest watching that!

The important thing to note is that Mexico is way more diverse and modern than you may believe. Sure, Puerto Vallarta is pretty “old school” and set back in times, but even here in Vallarta there are some hints of modern amenities and conveniences.

What are your thoughts on the issue?

Keep it Kinetic,


Greg and Hillary


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