Do You Take Vacations or Do You Travel?

After doing a quick Google search, I have found that there are plenty of articles written about the topic of Travel versus Vacations. Apparently it is something a lot of us travelers are passionate about! There is not however, a great deal written about the difference between adventures and vacations. Let’s draw a distinction between all three. Although our blog may be categorized as a “Travel Blog”, we like to see it more as an “Adventure Blog”.

What’s the difference between travel and adventure? Adventuring is a way of life that everybody regardless of age or financial circumstance can learn to adapt.

4 Important Distinctions


  • All vacations involve travel
  • Not all traveling is a vacation
  • Adventuring/Exploring is rarely a vacation
  • Adventures can require travel, but travel is not necessary.


For example, we live in Dallas, Texas. If we want to find something fun or exciting, there is no need to “travel” to an exotic location. With such a diverse group of people living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we can experience different cultures, foods, and ideas just by exploring different neighborhoods, restaurants, and businesses all within 15 miles of us.

To go on an adventure, you don’t need a plane ticket or a passport. Sometimes an adventure is just driving down the road and going on a walk in an area of town that you have never visited (we do this all of the time!). I guarantee that even if you live in a small town that there are stores that you have never been to, roads you have never driven on, and people you have never talked to. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to create new experiences. Just embrace the attitude of being an adventurer. In a world (that phrase makes me sound like a Grandpa) where we are constantly on the go, stressed out, and on our way to something important, it is extremely valuable to take time out of your day or week to slow down and explore your surroundings.

Have you always wanted to travel to asia but just can’t afford it at the moment? Instead, why don’t you try several different asian restaurants in your area. I know it won’t quite be the same is backpacking across Thailand, but you are one step closer to living that experience than you are if you’re eating at Applebee’s!

Let’s circle back to the term “Vacation”.

In the workplace vacation seems to have a negative connotation. Anytime you are on vacation is time that you are not spending making money for your company. Your vacation is just a huge inconvenience to your organization. Or at least that is the way it can be perceived. Vacations are a way to escape life. They are a break from your normal day to day routine. As great as they are, in our minds, vacations are for Rat Racers. Vacations are for people that really don’t enjoy their jobs or day to day routines all that much. If you’re in that situation then heck yeah you need a vacation! However, what you really need is a more adventurous attitude. Most of us can’t go on extravagant vacations several times a year. We are lucky if we get one measly week (your other week of vacation will likely be used during the holidays). One week? You are going to trade having a 50 really crappy weeks just for one stinking week of a vacation? I’m sorry, but that logic just doesn’t make any sense to me!

One answer to your problem is to be more adventurous. You may not be able to take more vacation time, but there is no reason why you can’t take several weekend trips throughout the year! Drive 3-6 hours in one direction on a Friday night, stay until Sunday evening and then come home. I guarantee you will completely forget about work and all of the stress that it brings to your life. Weekend trips aren’t in the budget? Explore your home town! Go to restaurants or stores that you have never been to before. Walk in different neighborhoods, just find something to explore! This approach may not as fun as going camping or driving to a scenic location, but I promise you that it will bring more value to your life, you will learn more about the area in which you live, and you will feel as though you are squeezing more out of your life than you currently are.

Sarah Fazendine from A Family Travel Blog said it well;

“To me, traveling is about learning. It’s about expansion, adventure, cultural immersion, and – ultimately – transformation. But it’s most certainly not a “vacation.”

“ – Sarah Fazendin

We hope that you live a more inspired life. One that involves more traveling, more exploring, and more adventures. 

Now is the time to take action! Comment below and let us know a few different ways that you plan to add more adventures into your life!


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