Best Tours in Puerto Vallarta: Cookin’ Vallarta Cooking Class

Cookin' Vallarta

Cookin’ Vallarta Cooking Class

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—»What is it:  

Cookin’ Vallarta is a feast of flavors for people of all ages! The tour includes a visit to a local Mexican market and tortilla factory to buy all of the ingredients necessary for the awesome meal. Enrique does an excellent job of giving great information about how Mexican markets operate, what they are like in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and other Mexican cities, as well as teaching all about the different types of foods sold in the market.

After the market, the tour heads straight to Enrique’s house to begin cooking the feast! In our class, we made homemade guacamole, tortillas, mole sauce, and the best tamales I have ever tasted!

—»How did we find it:

We actually stumbled about Cookin’ Vallarta when we were looking at videos on YouTube! However, most other classmates found Cookin’ Vallarta from Enrique and Cookin’ Vallarta can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and through his website as well.

—»Best Aspects of Cookin’ Vallarta:

»Small groups

With only about 12-15 people, our class felt very small and intimate. The size of the group was perfect-big enough to be able to mix and mingle with fellow chefs-in-training, but small enough that it felt like a small family get together in Enrique’s house!

»Enrique was very friendly and inviting

The food was amazing. The information provided was more than we could have asked for, but Enrique is the number one reason this experience is absolutely amazing! Enrique is the embodiment of the people of Puerto Vallarta-personable, friendly, and funny.

»You are literally in his house

After going to the market to buy all of the goods, the tour heads to Enrique’s house to cook with fellow classmates and Enrique’s lovely family! Enrique literally opens up his house for the tour making everyone there instantly feel like part of the family!

»The information about the market was very helpful

How exciting can a tour around a local market be? It turns out, very! We have been visiting the local markets since we moved to Puerto Vallarta, but all of the information Enrique provided was interesting, encouraging, and necessary to understand Mexican culture and food!

»The food we cooked was amazing!

If you are going to take a cooking class, the experience will be so much better if the food prepared tastes good! Cookin’ Vallarta did not disappoint! From the tortillas to the tamales, everything we made was amazing! I am usually not a huge fan of tamales, but the ones we made in the Cookin’ Vallarta class were worth writing home about!

»You are busy doing something the entire time

One of the best things about the Cookin’ Vallarta class is that Enrique makes it exciting the entire time! Whether at the market, making homemade guacamole, or preparing the main dish, the entire tour is a blast! We each had a  job during the entire 5 hour tour! (A few times this job consisted of grabbing a shot of tequila and watching others stir, chop, or mash)

»Free tequila shots!

We are not big drinkers, but it was pretty cool to be surprised by some free tequila!

»Perfect for getting out of the heat

The Cookin’ Vallarta tour is perfect for a hot day! As fun as it sounds to go fishing or explore a hidden beach, the reality is that sitting on a boat for a few hours can get hot! Head over to Cookin’ Vallarta to learn about Mexican culture, food, and of course, air conditioning!

»Great for locals, tourists, and expats alike

Whether you have lived in Puerto Vallarta for years or it is your very first time visiting, I believe that Enrique does an excellent job of making the tour fun for everybody! I wish we had done this tour whenever we first came to Puerto Vallarta. We would have felt so much more confident at the markets!


We cannot think of one thing that we wish would have been different about the Cookin’ Vallarta class! I tried and tried to come up with negatives to this tour, but I am not sure they exist! Perhaps the con would be that there is no “take home Enrique” option at the end. Having a master chef in house would be pretty neat, after all 🙂


We absolutely loved the cooking class! In fact, I would definitely go back time and time again! A different dish is prepared every day so theoretically, you could go back-to-back days and probably have just as good of a time the second go around!

We have a few other tours coming up (Rhythms of the Night, a taco tour, and a food tour around the bay), so be on the look out for new videos and blogs for each of these tours!

Keep it Kinetic,

Greg and Hillary

Puerto Vallarta cooking class

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