Best Travel Articles of the Week- February 19th

Every week Hillary and I comb through the latest and greatest post in the travel community! As much as we love sharing our own story, we also love sharing the stories from other great writers!

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Article: 365 Awesome Travel Quotes for a Year Full of Wanderlust

Pin it, save it, tweet it, do whatever it is you do to remember things these days! I am always on the look out for neat quotes. If you are in need of some travel motivation, look no further!




Article: Things to Do in Herat Afghanistan 

What are the first images you think of when you read the word Afghanistan? It’s unfortunate, but it’s likely that you conjure up images of war. Prepare to have your mind opened!




Article: This is the Islamic World

First a post about Afghanistan and now Islam? Feel uncomfortable yet? If you do, this might not be the place for you:)



Article: 14 Best Things to Do in Edinburgh, Scotland

I must admit, I had never heard of Edinburgh, Scotland before. However, after reading this post I am currently checking flight prices to there! How’s that for persuasive writing?



Article: Is Nine to Five Really the Real World?

Reality is what you perceive. Do you perceive that that 9-5 life is the only way to make a living? If so, maybe Derek can reshape your thinking:)


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5 Line Friday- Best Travel Articles of the Week

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