The Best Places to Eat Lunch in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

best lunch in Puerto vallarta

The Best Places to Eat Lunch in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you have ever been to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you know the food  is delicious! Looking for the best places to eat lunch in Puerto Vallarta!? You have come to the right place! Let us start by saying that there are so many more great restaurants other than the few mentioned below. If you have suggestions that we left out, please comment below and let us know where you love to eat lunch in Puerto Vallarta!

Salud Super Food

Salud Super Food is ranked as one of the best places to eat in all of Puerto Vallarta and for good reason. The food is fresh, filling, and healthy! If you are looking for a healthy lunch option, Salud Super Food is THE place to go. Bonus: Salud has excellent drip coffee and you can get in and out quickly if you need to get back to work. Or the beach…


The only downside I can think of regarding Salud Super Food is that there is not a lot of outside seating. However, we have never had an issue getting a table.

Coco’s Kitchen

Coco’s Kitchen is one of our all time favorites in Puerto Vallarta. We typically go for breakfast, but they have excellent lunch items as well. Coco’s has a great laid back atmosphere, plenty of seating, and excellent service! In addition to the friendliest staff in all of Puerto Vallarta, they top it off with our favorite coffee!


Coco’s is a place you want to go and take your time at to enjoy. If you are in a rush, try one of the other options listed. 

Derby City Burgers

Enough about health food. Sometimes a big, juicy burger is the only thing that can fill those lunch time cravings! Derby City Burgers has an excellent selection of burgers, salads, and appetizers. If you are really hungry, we suggest ordering the onion rings or fried pickles. Trust us. They are to die for! Derby City is a great place to people watch as well. Top it off with a Nutella milkshake-you can thank me later 😉


Derby City is in a great location and has excellent food. Because of that, the seating area can get a little crowded at times. But trust me, being a little close to strangers is well worth it for their burgers! 

The Italian Deli

If your idea of a good lunch is chips, a soda, and a sandwich, The Italian Deli is the place to go! They have many different sandwich options, the meat they use is high quality, and the staff is always very friendly. Its location is perfect for grabbing lunch and heading back home or for getting it to go and taking it on the bus with you on your way to Mismaloya or Boca! 


The Italian Deli is a perfect place to grab your food and go. Do not plan on eating in the store as it gets pretty warm in there. We like to grab sandwiches from there and take them to the beach! 

A Page in the Sun

If you love coffee, reading, and good sandwiches, A Page in the Sun is the place for you! They have great food with plenty of options on the menu and a very friendly wait staff. A Page in the Sun also functions as a book store so if you are a book nerd like me, it is the perfect place to grab lunch and buy a few new books!


The main downside to A Page in the Sun is that the chairs are not very comfortable. Though it is the perfect place to go read and drink coffee, we have found it difficult to get comfortable in their chairs. (I suppose we have been spoiled at somepoint…by nice chairs?!)

There you have it, the best places to eat lunch in Puerto Vallarta!


Keep it Kinetic,

Hillary and Greg

best lunch in Puerto vallartalunch in Puerto vallarta


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