The Best Part About Moving to Mexico

Buenos días amigos from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

What has been the best aspect of moving to Mexico?

Has there ever been a person you wish you had reconnected with? Hugged them one more time? Or simply texted them one more time?

Do you sometimes look back at the last year or 10 years of your life and feel like you have done nothing new?

I think that is a feeling we are all familiar with.

I am sure you have heard the cliche “live like you are dying” or if you are more hip than we are, “yolo”.

Now, living as if you will dye today may be a little impractical, but I do believe it’s a good notion. To me, the idea is to not live a recklessly (YOLO), but rather to live in the moment, to not take things for granted, and to be grateful for what you have.

What does this have to do with moving to Mexico?

Moving to Mexico has allowed us to simulate “dying”.

Before moving to Mexico we could see my family pretty much anytime we wanted because they lived just 30 minutes away. Although we saw them semi-frequently, I believe we took the ability to see them for granted. Now that they are several hours away, we know that we won’t be able to see them very often, so we try to make the times that we do spend with them matter.

Nothing last forever. Friendships fade, your job forces you to relocate, people change, and eventually, we die. I don’t mean that to be dark or negative, rather it should be motivation to enjoy what we have right now!

In moving semi-frequently, we have been able to realize this fact much sooner and experience it in micro-doses rather than all at once later in adulthood.

We have lived in Vallarta since March of 2017 this second go around, and although we haven’t done EVERYTHING you would have liked us to do, I can say that without a doubt we had an absolute blast each and every day.

Hopefully that fact is captured in our videos.

Moving every couple months may not be practical or fun for many of you. However, I challenge you to find a way to remind yourself not to take things for granted, to live more in the now, and to be grateful for everything you have in your life.

This may have been a vastly different than what you expected to hear today, but it is the foundation for one of the many reasons why we love Mexico.

Hasta mañana amigos y keep it Kinetic,

Greg and Hillary

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