The Best Beaches- Playa Punta Negra in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

best beaches playa punta negra pv

The Best Beaches: Playa Punta Negra, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Playa Punta Negra quickly became one of our favorite beaches in Puerto Vallarta. It is fairly easy to reach, there are no crowds, and there is the perfect amount of vendors. While Los Muertos is the perfect party beach, Playa Punta Negra is one of the best beaches for relaxation in Puerto Vallarta.


While we enjoy Playa Los Muertos for its constant buzz, sometimes we just need some peace and quiet and enjoy a more relaxed calm getaway. Punta Negra is perfect if that is what you are looking for!

If you get hungry or thirsty there are a few vendors and restaurants right on the beach. However, there are not so many that you feel like somebody is constantly hounding you. We have found this to be a problem at Mismaloya and Boca.


Located just a few short miles south downtown Puerto Vallarta, Playa Punta Negra is a great beach to unwind, relax, and get away from the crowds.

⇒How do you get there?

There are two different options for traveling to Playa Punta Negra. The first option is to catch the orange bus at the corner of Constitución and Basilio Badillo and the second option is to catch a taxi. The map above shows exactly where the busses pickup. For less than 10 pesos (about 50 cents) per person, you can catch a bus ride straight to one of the best beaches in all of Puerto Vallarta! Whenever you get on just tell the driver that you are going to Playa Punta Negra. (You do not have to tell him, but I have found much better success in arriving to my intended destination if I tell the driver ahead of time where I want to get off.) When you are on the bus, you should be looking for signs for the Best Western and Playa Punta Negra—>you will want to get off here!

If you have made it to Mismaloya or you are seeing signs for the Zoo, you have gone too far.

You can see where we were dropped off in this video:

Once you are dropped off you will walk down a long set of stairs that will lead straight to the beach.

If you are not up for that much of an adventure, you can always take a taxi! This route is much faster, but it will set you back a few more dollars. Just tell your driver that you want to go to Playa Punta Negra and they should know exactly where that is. (If they do not, I would just find another driver!)

Check out this post for rates on how much it should cost you to get to Playa Punta Negra.

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⇒Tips for a beach day at Playa Punta Negra

There is not much in the way of shade or protection from the sun at Playa Punta Negra. If you burn easily or you want to stay for a long period of time, we suggest bringing an umbrella to plant in the sand. If this is not an option, arrive early and find a spot to the right of the stairs close to the big cliff as this may provide some shade.

Bring plenty of water and snacks, as there may be limited options for food and drink depending on the day/time of day you visit.

If blue water and relaxation is what you are after, Playa Punta Negra is a great choice for your next beach outing!

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Keep it Kinetic,
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