A Look Back at Life in Puerto Vallarta: Day 2

In March of 2017, we moved back to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. For the first 10 days I (Greg) wrote down our thoughts, feelings, and initial experiences upon moving back to Mexico. Over the next few weeks we will be posting these old posts.

Over a year later it is incredibly interesting to read our own thoughts- we hope you find them interesting as well


Day 002

Yesterday was our first full day back in Puerto Vallarta. We ar
e so excited to be in PV! We woke up way too early because neither of us could sleep. I think the excitement of being back woke us up. We already planned exactly where we would go for our first breakfast…Coco’s Kitchen!

As soon as we walked into the restaurant one of the waiters recognized us and brought out one of our friends, Ruben the Manager, to see us. When we left PV in December, we went to go tell Ruben bye but he wasn’t at work that day so it felt really nice to be back to see him again! After enjoying a delicious breakfast at Coco’s, it was time to get some groceries and miscellaneous items for our apartment. We jumped in a cab to head to across town to go to Walmart. It has been a few months since I have spoken Spanish so I wanted to test out my skills, or lack thereof. It turns out that my Spanish has not diminished too much and the friendliness of the taxi drivers definitely has not diminished either!

I feel like as soon as I began asking him questions in Spanish, he took a real interest in talking to us and wanted to tell us where his family lives and how they vacation in Mascota. It did not take long before the conversation turned to Donald Trump! He asked what we thought about our President…maybe he knew what my answer would be considering the fact that I was conversing with him in Spanish. I tried to explain to him the reasons that Trump was elected…aren’t we all still trying to figure that out?!


Our trip to Walmart went really well. The store was fairly empty so it was easy to go slow and take our time to make sure that we got everything that we needed. Though 90% of the trip went well, we finished it off by going through the 20 items of less line with about 100 items! Whoops.

After making it back from Walmart, we unpacked, relaxed, and eventually headed to Los Muertos Beach with a couple thousand other people. It was packed! As packed as it was, it was really exciting and fun to be around so many other people! We saw a family trying to carry their father across the beach to make it to where there was a concrete walkway. I volunteered to help as it looked like the girl was struggling to hold the man they were carrying. A pair of burnt feet later and I was able to help the family get him to more solid ground. It felt really good to be able to help somebody out. When we lived with Hillary’s parents in Belton for a few months, we never interacted with people so the chance to help others was minimal. Though I should not help others to make myself feel good, the fact that it does make me feel good is a bonus! It is really nice to be back somewhere where the opportunities to extend a helping hand exist.

After a few hours of burning on the beach, we headed to a local restaurant to get some food. Though it was a little overpriced, my burger and Hillary’s sandwich were both really good. We went back home to shower and nap. The combination of the long travel day on Saturday and sitting in the sun really drained our energy.

It felt amazing to crawl into a big cold bed!

Never one to waste one single moment (or anything for that matter) Hillary forced us to get up and do something after our nap. I was content to just sit in bed the rest of the day! I am so glad that my wife is smarter than me! We walked over to the Malecon and found a spot to people watch and sip a “green drink”. After about 30 minutes of talking about how crazy it is that we are back in Puerto Vallarta we walked over to the church and were surprised by a jazz group playing music at the gazebo. I do not know why we were surprised. There is always somebody throwing a party in this town!

We finished off the evening by watching the last 30 minutes of the sunset.

It can be easy to take advantage of seeing the sunset, but after not seeing it for a few months, we are really appreciative to be able to witness such a beautiful moment. Watching a sunrise or sunset has the ability to bring you back to the now. That’s something we could all use a little more of.

We will probably say this 100 more times, but we are really happy to be back! We were excited to come to Puerto Vallarta for the second time, but we did not know what it would feel like when we got here. We were both worried that it just would not be the same. The newness would be gone. Our friends would not care that we came back. Or that we would have adjusted back to the American way of living.

Luckily, none of those happened.

We feel at home again:)


Thanks for joining along on our adventures past, present, and future 🙂

Keep it Kinetic,

Hillary and Greg


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