50 Things To Do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

50 things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Don’t forget to check out our three day itinerary or our guide to Puerto Vallarta!  


⇒1. Take a Taco Tour.

If you are short on time and want to get a true taste of Puerto Vallarta, a taco tour is a must!

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taco tour

⇒2. Visit Los Muertos Beach.

Los Muertos is the premier beach in Puerto Vallarta.  Close to shops, restaurants, and a long stretch of an amazing beach, hustling place is a must!

We dedicated an entire post to Los Muertos, you can visit it buy clicking here!

⇒3. Take a Day Trip to Las Animas.

Beautiful water, soft sand, low waves, what more could you ask for!? Take a water taxi from the Los Muertos Pier and enjoy a day trip to Las Animas beach.

Las Animas Beach

⇒4. Hike to the Waterfall at Yelapa.

If you want to relax on a beach away from the crowds, Yelapa is a perfect mini getaway. Note: it is only accessible by water, so catch a water taxi from Los Muertos Pier or from Boca de Tomatlan. If you are feeling more adventurous, hike to this hidden waterfall buried deep in the jungle.


⇒5. Visit The Puerto Vallarta Zoo

Want to do something a little different on your trip to Puerto Vallarta? The zoo is a perfect option if you want to get away from the beach. Bonus: you can purchase a bag of food (bread, carrots, corn, peanuts, etc) to hand feed the animals throughout the incredibly kid friendly zoo!

 ⇒6. Explore The Vallarta Botanical Gardens.

A really unique way to see the wildlife of the tropical paradise that is Puerto Vallarta. Visit their site for more info on pricing, exhibits, and how to get there.

botanical gardens

 ⇒7. Take a Stroll Along the Malecon.

We could spend every night at the Malecon and never get tired of it! This boardwalk is situated along the water and has some amazing street food, performers, and shopping.

IMG_0677 (1)

 ⇒8. Go to a Crossfit class.

We joined a Crossfit gym whenever we moved to Puerto Vallarta and it was THE best decision we made! (We had never been to a Crossfit in the US, so we are fairly unbiased 😉 ) Even if you are only in Puerto Vallarta for a few days, the people at this little place are incredible and it is really cool to take classes in a different language!

⇒9. Sail Among the Dolphins.

What better way to spend the day than hanging out with these gentle beauties?! We found a person with a two-man sailboat and spent some quality time up close with these creatures.

⇒10. Go Sport Fishing. 

Puerto Vallarta has some of the best sport fishing in the world. Check out Mike’s Fishing Charter to book your day of sunshine, good times, and better fishing!


11. Go Snorkeling.

Grab your swim trunks and get ready to see a wide variety of fish in Puerto Vallarta! We recommend taking the orange bus to Mismaloya and catching a snorkeling boat to the nearby Los Arcos.


⇒12. Take a Day Trip to Sayulita.

This hippie surf town makes for a perfect day trip from Puerto Vallarta. With colorful streets and more shops selling dream catchers than you could ever imagine, this yoga-loving place is sure one of a kind!


⇒13. Go Zip Lining.

What better way to spend your vacation than through flying through the jungle with some incredible views along the way?!


⇒14. Drive Dune Buggies.

If you have a wild streak in you, rent a dune buggy and …do dune buggy things?


⇒15. Watch an Amazing Sunset…or 117 Sunsets 🙂 

We did this every single day during our time in Puerto Vallarta. Each sunset is so beautifully different that they just never get old!


 ⇒16. Drink a Margarita on the Beach.

Sit back, relax, and watch the waves roll in as you sip a perfect marg from Swell Beach Bar.

⇒17. Hang Out with the Locals.

You never know what you will learn from others. Do not be afraid to strike up a friendly conversation with locals. I usually ask them how long they have been living in PV, if they like it (they love it!), and what they think of the U.S.


⇒18. Shop at Local Market.

These local markets are amazing to see. The life of the town really revolves around these little gems and all their fresh fruits and vegetables.

⇒19. Eat Street Tacos.

Ready for your taste buds to explode from happiness? You just cannot go to Puerto Vallarta without eating a street taco!


⇒20. Buy Mexican Candy.

Check out our friends at La Casa del Dulce and load up on the most delicious dulces ever!


⇒21. Explore Los Arcos.

Los Arcos is a rock formation near Mismaloya-you can’t miss it from the Los Muertos Pier downtown! It is one of our favorite things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Catch a ride to Mismaloya and charter a small boat to take you out to the rocks for you take take pictures, ride through the rocks, and even snorkel!


⇒22. Bargain with a Shop Owner.

Love to negotiate? Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to show what you’ve got! However, just keep in mind that the salesman may needs that money more than you do, so keep it friendly 🙂 


⇒23. Go to the Old Town Farmers Market.

Different from the farmers markets the operate every day, the  Old Town Farmer’s Market only operates Saturdays from 9:30AM-2:00PM. Here you will find a collection of amazing food, souveners and so much more! The highlight of the market for us was the bagel man. (Yes, we really craved bagels for some reason, don’t judge.)


⇒24. Wander Around the Isla Cuale.

This small island situated between a slip in the Rio Cuale is extremely unique. It is a great spot to search for souvenirs and gifts and catch glimpses of massive iguanas high above in the trees.

⇒25. Watch Street Performers.

From dancers and singers to even Michelangelo, there is no shortage of street performers in Puerto Vallarta. If you like their act, be sure to tip them!


⇒26. Explore the Beach of Amapas Conchas Chinas.

Crystal clear water, secluded spaces, and powdery sand.  Need we say more?! Check out all the reasons you could need here.

⇒27. Go to a Festival.

If you have spent any time in Puerto Vallarta, you know there is nearly always some sort of festival or celebration happening! Ask around or do some looking one so you don’t miss out on these tasty times!


⇒28. Relax at Mismaloya.

A small beach not far from El Centro that has crystal clear water and plenty of beach side restaurants. 



⇒29. Go on a Sunset Cruise.

There is nothing as beautiful as a Puerto Vallarta sunset! Watch the sunset in style from a sailboat on Banderas Bay.


⇒30. Shop on Basilio Badillo

If you love shopping, head over to the street named “Basilio Badillo”. Close to Los Muertos Beach, it has all of the food and shopping options you could ever need!


⇒31. Explore a Hidden Beach.

Head over to Vallarta Adventures and book a trip to the Las Marietas Islands to see the hidden beach! 


⇒32. Take Salsa Lessons.

What better way to experience the Latin culture than through dance!? Check out J & B Salsa Club



⇒33. Adventure in Boca de Tomatlan.

Boca is a small fishing village about 30 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta. We highly recommend spending a day here with the locals. No tourists, all authentic 🙂


⇒34. Take a Segway Tour.

Want to see Puerto Vallarta with ease and fun? This tour is for you!


⇒35. Take a Free Walking Tour.

There are some things you can’t learn without having a qualified guide show you around. Check out this FREE walking tour and get out those walking shoes!



⇒36. Visit The Church of Our lady of Guadalupe.

This church is set right in the hubbub of the Malecon and is absolutely beautiful inside and out. Chances are, if you are anywhere near this church at any time, you may hear the chimes of the bells ringing!

Your Guide to Puerto Vallarta. Things to . Places to Stay. Where to Eat. PV. Puerto Vallarta.

⇒37. Rappel Down a Waterfall.

The ultimate adrenaline rush! Take off through the jungle on this wild expedition that will leave you feeling like you’re living life to the fullest!


⇒38. Eat Street Corn.

Nothing gives you a better insight to a culture than the local food. Head to the Malecon and you’ll find all the street food you could ever eat-and then some!


⇒39. Parasail Through the Bay.

Adrenaline junky? Take off through the air across Los Muertos Beach! We are much too afraid to try this, but it looks like it would be a lot of fun!



⇒40. Watch the Performers at the Amphitheater.

These acts are all so cool-we love the mime! We are not sure what time he performs, but if you are lucky enough to catch him, you will not be disappointed. 


⇒41. Release Baby Sea Turtles.

This was one of our favorite things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Call the Marriot CasaMagna for details on when you can help with the release of these little cute creatures!


 ⇒42. Go Hiking Through the Jungle (to Playa Colomitos).

Take a hike through the rainforest to a truly amazing “hidden” beach. At this time, we do not have the specific directions on this hike, so check out this site for more info.

 ⇒43. Volunteer at Families at the Dump.

Take some time out of your schedule to do some good in the world. You will see the reality of life for many locals in this part of Mexico.

⇒44. Eat Guacamole…a Lot of it.

Like chips and guac? Every place that we ordered guacamole was truly amazing! With the price of avocados soaring in the United States, it is refreshing in more ways than one to eat guacamole without paying 10 dollars for it!




⇒45. Eat Mole.

Check out El Mole de Jovita and try some of the local cuisine. We had our doubts before trying mole, but we love it now!




⇒46. Go Whale Watching.

We did not have the chance to do this when we lived in Puerto Vallarta, but we have heard amazing things! Sit at the beach and try and spot them or go on a whale watching tour.






⇒47. Drink a Corona.

When in Mexico, do as the Mexicans do!


⇒48. Eat Dinner with Strangers (Mi casa es su casa).

This one is a little harder to coordinate, but once you befriend the locals, they just may (and likely) invite you in for dinner!




⇒49. Eat Churros from THE Churro Guy.

Worth every glorious calorie, these sugary, magical things are sure to brighten up your day. (And in case you are curious, no, Costco churros do not even compare.)

And finally…

⇒50. Enjoy La Vida Loca.

If there is one thing you should do in Mexico, it is relax and take in the local culture and atmosphere! (Okay, maybe that is two things, but they can easily be done simultaneously 😉 )

There you have it- 50 Things to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Whatever you choose to do during your stay in Puerto Vallarta, we truly hope you find this place amazing. After all, we found it to be so incredible that we have decided to call it home 🙂

What are your favorite things to do in PV? Did we leave something out? Comment below and let us know and we will add it to the list!

Don’t forget to check out our three day itinerary or our guide to Puerto Vallarta!  

Keep it Kinetic,

Greg and Hillary

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