5 Books You Haven’t Read that Will Make You Want to Travel The World

books that make you want to travel

5 Books You Haven’t Read that Will Make You Want to Travel The World

It is common that many nomads love to read! I know I do! Whether you are on the road or in a foreign country, a good book may be the only friend you have! Additionally, if you are not fortunate enough to travel the world, losing yourself in a page turner may be the only way that you can travel! A good book can spark ideas, motivation, and in turn, action.

Check out these 5 books that will make you want to travel the world. Each played an integral role in us packing our bags and moving south of the border to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.









The story of a young woman that decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, you will not be able to get through this book without making a few trips to REI!

If you have only seen the movie by the same name, you are doing yourself a disservice. Cheryl Strayed is one heck of a writer. One capable of inspiring ideas within your that you did not know existed. Seriously. I started planning a bike ride across America after reading Wild. Not only does Wild inspire, but it has the power and ability to connect with readers of all backgrounds.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Recognized as one of the most exciting books of the century, you will want to hit the open road before you finish the first chapter! Not only will this book make you want to travel, but you’ll learn a little something about philosophy too!

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance taught me to take it slow. To take the road less traveled (literally and figuratively). And to live compassionately.


Mr. Tim Ferriss has made this one quite popular! The author will teach you how you can travel the world regardless of your financial situation. With information on how to face adversity on the road, determine your destinations, how to work abroad, and so much more, Vagabonding is a must read for anybody that loves to travel!

Rolf Potts has taught me to do what I can, with what I have. We can’t afford to buy a beach house right now, but we can find ways to stay at nice beach houses all across the world for extremely cheap rates. If you look at your problems from a different perspective, your apparent setback or weakness can turn into a point of leverage!

Home Sweet Anywhere

Nothing gets my travel juices flowing quite like reading about other people that are traveling the world. Millennials and baby boomers alike will benefit from this amazing story of two people that sold their house to trek across the world during their golden years! I love one of the author’s maxims-”If not now, when?” In fact, we love the saying so much that it was the guiding phrase behind my decision to quit my job and move to Mexico!

The $100 Startup

Reading about people that travel the world can be extremely inspiring. However, If you do not have a way to fund your travels, the inspiration can wear off quickly. Chris Guillebeau, the author, is a travel and business expert. In this book he teaches you how to take your passions and skills and turn them into a successful business that can fund the life of your own design-all on a shoestring budget! The $100 Startup is the book that not only feeds your appetite for travel, but also gives you the materials and recipe to make it a reality!


The Four Hour Work Week

I put this in the bonus section because it does not quite qualify as a book you probably haven’t read! However, for anybody that’s been living under a rock for the past decade, The Four Hour Work Week is a life changing piece of work. Whether you want to build a business, increase your monthly income, travel the world (or all of the above), Tim Ferriss will teach you the necessary tips and tricks!

There you have it! 5 books that you haven’t read that will make you want to travel the world. Sometimes we all need a break from reality. We need somebody to show us what else is out there. A great book can do that for you, and it is my hope that each one of these books will change your life for the better!Social Media Tools for Small Businesses



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