“Working Remotely from Mexico is too Risky” -My Employer

Good afternoon amigos!

We are the Kinetic Kennons and we create daily videos about our life and travel throughout Mexico. For the last 11 months, we have been pouring our hearts into showing the world what Mexico is like through our daily Youtube videos.


Just a few days ago, I was fired from my job because my employer has deemed the risk of having an employee in mexico as too great.

The ironic part of this is that we have been dedicated for the last 11 months, or about 300 videos, to sharing our life with the world in order to show people what day-to-day life in Mexico is actually like.

I was given the following ultimatum:

Return to the US within 30 days and continue receiving a paycheck


Choose to stay in Mexico and become jobless and thus paycheckless in 30 days.

We have built a youtube channel and a “brand”, if you will, around the motto have less, do more, be more. A major component of our motto is selflessly pursuing our dreams in a value-driven life. If we are true to ourselves, our values, and our community- moving back to the States at this time, under these circumstances…is not an option. We have too much unfinished business in the way of showing Mexico to the world and we refuse to throw this all away. This journey for Kinetic Kennons, our message, and for Mexico is just beginning. Despite these unforeseen, potentially life changing obstacles-

We have created a solution.

We are launching a 26 day campaign on a website called Patreon in order to raise money to continue making videos showing the world what Mexico is really like. Our goal is to increase our Patreon contribution level to $2,000 dollars. This level of support will ensure that we can continue in our journey of sharing the beauty of Mexico to the world.

We aren’t doing this for money.

If money was our motivating factor, we would be moving back to Dallas to reclaim our 9-5 jobs. What we are motivated by is building a community of people that love Mexico, a community of people that truly bring people up and not push them down, and a community of people that are committed to having less, doing more, and being more.

We need your help now more than ever.

Starting on February 28th, Kinetic Kennons is our sole source of income.

So the ultimate question is this-

How can we work together to generate the level of support needed to continue encouraging the world to have less, do more, be more all the while showing a side of Mexico that is not seen in the news?

That’s easy! We just need

  • 811 more people to pledge $2 dollars a month OR
  • 162 more people to pledge $10 dollars a month OR
  • 81 more people to pledge $20 dollars a month

So how can you help? We have created two ways:

  • Click this link for our Patreon page page where you can sign up to become a patron of our channel. We have created various reward levels within Patreon so that we can deliver even more value to you. Please, join our “Taco Stand” and help us build the best taco ever. Here is just one example of a reward level we have created–

  • Click this link to share our story and to enter our giveaway! The power of community as a whole and more specifically your voice is unstoppable. To harness this power, we have created a giveaway contest for a chance to win a $200 dollar Amazon gift card if we hit our goal. You will receive an entry for each time that you share our story!

To all of our long term supporters–

Thank you for everything that you have done for us. Your support up to this point has put is in a position in which i know we can pull this off! We now ask you to share this campaign with your aunts, uncles, amigos, coworkers, and anybody else that has tremendous pride for the country of Mexico.

We promise to you, on this day that we will work as hard as we can to continue sharing the beauty of Mexico, the kindness of its people, and as you all know by now the food of Mexico. I believe that together, with you as our biggest advocates, we can ensure that our journey does not end here. Together, we can ensure that it truly begins here!

Whether we are successful with our campaign, whether our channel grows another subscriber, we are going to do everything in our power to continue our mission. The day that we quit, is the day Greg is physically unable to film because of malnutrition. We are two of the most resilient, hardworking, and sometimes stubborn individuals.

There is one thing that we can promise you:

Quitting is not an option.

Throwing away our dreams is not an option.

Giving up on Mexico is not an option.   

Thank you ALL for supporting us and thank you for your continued encouragement. We will see you tomorrow with a more upbeat video, but until then make sure you check out our Patreon Page– donate at least just one dollar a month and click this contest link to help share our story.

Thank you, 

Greg and Hillary Kennon




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