What Does it Mean to “Be More”

What Does It Mean to “Be More?

The overarching theme of Kinetic Kennons is to have less, do more, and be more. The first two declarations seem pretty self explanatory.


Have less “stuff”- most travelers have to do this out of necessity. When we moved to Mexico we donated a ton of stuff and put the rest in storage. We just weren’t ready to part with our new couch, okay! 

Second, “do more”. Easy. What else would we post about on Facebook? Except political rants of course. 

But what does it mean to “be more”? I tried to articulate that here, but I am not sure that does it justice.

“Being more” is about dropping your ego. It means not traveling for attention or Instagram likes. I suggest reading this amazing book by Ryan Holiday. It will open your eyes to the dangers of living a life centered around your ego. 

Being more involves being a better person. A kinder, more loving person. Somebody that is more selfLESS in a selfish world. 

I write this because I think for most of us it is pretty easy to have less and do more and still be within our comfort zone. Especially if you are a fellow traveler.

It’s nothing special in “our” world. 

What I struggle with, and maybe you do as well, is getting out of my comfort zone and doing things for no reason but to help others. Not for views, clicks, likes, or high fives. But because you are stepping up and being a greater person. You are elevating yourself from your old egotistical, selfish self, into a human being that lives to serve others.  

Just like with having less and doing more, if we allow ourselves to be more, I think we will find that we feel lighter, happier, and that we are fulfilling a greater purpose.

Drop your ego, act selflessly, elevate those around you, and maybe, just maybe, some good things will come your way!

What are you doing to “be more”?

It’s an area of my life that I am struggling to upgrade, so I would appreciate your feedback and help!:)

Keep it Kinetic,


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