We Moved Back to Mexico

we moved to Mexico

That’s right! The Kennon’s are back in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! We have kept the secret under wraps for a few months now in order to surprise some of our friends back in Puerto Vallarta.

You may not have even known we were not still in Mexico! There is not exactly a lot to write about Belton, Texas, so we have been quiet over the last few months. Since moving back to the United States in late December, we have spent great time with our families, gone on a 14 day cruise, and have spent the majority of our time in Belton, Texas.

Our initial plan was to stay in the States until June or July, but like all of our other “plans”, we changed them! We were having a hard time finding apartments to rent in the States for short term (we are not ready to sign another year lease Stateside) so we did the most logical thing we could think of…move to Mexico!

I know what you may be thinking..

“The same city!? Why don’t you go somewhere new?”

We have had the same thought ourselves. However, we love Puerto Vallarta so much that going back was a no brainer. We will definitely move to another city eventually, we just had to give Puerto Vallarta one more goodbye tour!

“Is Trump going to let you back in!?”

Well, we hope so! That’s about as much thought as we are willing to give that subject 😉

“Do Mexicans hate Americans now because of Trump?”

They didn’t hate Americans before. I doubt Trump as president has changed their attitudes towards the Americans living in Puerto Vallarta though. We will keep you updated on that subject! The people in Puerto Vallarta are extremely nice, making it one of our top reasons for going back. We do not see a way that the mood towards Americans in PV could have changed. Mexicans are smart. They know that Trump’s opinions are not shared by most Americans and certainly not by many of the Americans that choose to live in Mexico.

How are we doing this?

We haven’t told you?!

We are filthy rich! We each have a huge trust fund that was given to us that has enabled us to live our dreams…


Hillary is able to work remotely for her CPA firm back in Dallas. That is our main source of income. The cost of living in Puerto Vallarta is very low so we only need about half as much money in PV as we did in Dallas. Nice, huh?

Greg has been working full time on growing this blog, enabling us to draw a small (but increasing) income from our online efforts.  It is both exciting and rewarding to grow a business that is entirely our own-we cannot wait for the future of Kinetic Kennons!

Finally, before our first move abroad we saved a good portion of money that we have set aside to be an emergency fund. This fund will help us out if we need a large chunk of cash for a medical reason or if we lose a significant portion of our income. We will be able to live for 6-9 months with normal expenses, giving us time to find another way to earn more money.

This emergency savings account is the real backbone of our ability to move abroad. We like to travel and take risks, but we are not careless enough to do it without some extra financial padding for “just in case” type situations.

We are both really excited to be back in Mexico and equally excited to to share videos, stories, and great things to do in Mexico, so stay tuned!

Stay tuned to all of our adventures!

Because, well, why not!? 

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Keep it Kinetic,

Hillary and Greg

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  • Yes, keep us posted on the Trump effect. I suppose it will apply to all Gringoes no matter where in the world they come from ……….. Depite being from England they always shouted out Hey Gringo to me whenever i walked through the streets. I hope Puerto Vallarta works out foryou.

    • Thanks Dave! So far everybody has been super nice. We haven’t experienced any hate here. We can’t say the same for back in the States.

  • Els Mahieu

    Just back from 1 month in Mexico, but didn’t make it to Puerto Vallarta. I found the Mexicans super friendly people too! I was in Mexico during Trump’s inauguration and the only people starting a debate about it, were actually Americans 🙂

  • Denzil Walton

    I hope it works out well for you both. Sometimes, returning to a place where you had such good times doesn’t always live up to expectations, does it. Let’s hope this isn’t the case for you two!

    • So far it’s been even better. This time we skipped past the culture shock phase and we have been able to jump right back into living la vida local!

  • Clare Colley

    I havent been to Puerto Vallarta but it must be nice if you are moving back there. I can relate to finding it difficult being back home, I try not to spend too much time in the UK!! I have only been home 3 weeks and am already itching to get back on a plane!! Great though that you have an income and can work remotely.

  • Gokul Raj

    I like the idea of emergency savings. I too have one but still building it so that I can finally quit my job to travel.

  • Brianna

    How exciting! Sometimes you just find a place and it becomes just like home…That’s how Sydney, Australia is for me. I haven’t been to Mexico yet, but I hope to visit very soon. Looking forward to reading more about Puerto Vallarta!

  • How exciting! I’ve spent a lot of time in places like Tulum and Playa del Carmen but have yet to make it to the west coast. That’s a huge bonus that you can keep one of your jobs *and* the cost of living is low. Congrats on the move.

  • Yay! I loved my time living in Mexico so I’m excited for you 🙂

  • Good on you! Sounds like a very interesting place to live. Mexico is one country I haven’t made it to yet. Looking forward to reading more about your special town.

  • Congrats again on the move. Such exciting times ahead! Looking forward to seeing how it all goes for you guys – good luck!