Tour of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico // Life in Puerto Vallarta Vlog


In today’s vlog Hillary and I pick my mom and Jennifer up from the airport and we give them a quick afternoon tour of Puerto Vallarta! 

I will try and cover everything we mentioned in the video, but just shoot us an email at if we missed something.

The Airport

If you want to save some money at the airport, catch a cab across the pedestrian bridge instead of right outside the exit.

Whenever you come out of customs you are going to go through what we call the “Shark Tank”. There will be people trying to get you to tell them where you are staying, how you’re getting there, asking if you need help, etc. DON’T STOP.

I mean, they won’t rob you or anything. They will just try and sell you a timeshare.

Keep walking and you are going to exit through a set of sliding glass doors. At this point you will see several crazy looking ladies waving at you to book a taxi.

Turn right and keep walking.

Exit the building on your left and make an immediate left to hug the building. Drivers will still ask you if you want a ride, just say no (that is if you want to save money). Continue hugging the building until you come to the end. Turn left and you will see the pedestrian bridge. Walk across the bridge and as soon as you get to the bottom of the other side there should be a person there that will help you get your taxi.

This process may seem excessive, but it takes only a few minutes and it will save you at least 10-20 dollars!

The Food

We had lunch at Marisma Fish Taco and dinner at Mole de Jovita (maps below).

Marisma has the best fish tacos in town and Mole de Jovita was just crowned my favorite Mexican restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.

The tacos at Marisma are 24 pesos a piece, quesadillas are around 35.

Chicken in Mole sauce at Jovita is 140 and the enmoladas that we had were 130.

The Beach

We visited quite possibly our favorite beach in Puerto Vallarta, Los Muertos. We have written plenty about Los Muertos beach that you can check out here.

We headed straight for Swell Beach Bar. Swell has great drinks, great service, and an excellent setting! Be sure to go from 6-8pm for their 2×1 happy hour.


Keep it Kinetic,

Greg and Hillary Kennon

virtual tour of Vallarta

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