Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta- Mexican Wine Tasting with Uncork Mexico

Mexican Wine Tastings in Puerto Vallarta

Good afternoon amigos! Although Hillary and I are living in Mexico City, we want to continue bringing you value in terms of things to do, places to eat, and where to stay in Puerto Vallarta. We are excited to bring you one of the newest and most unique experiences in Puerto Vallarta.

Unfortunately Hillary and I left Vallarta before being able to participate in a wine tasting ourselves, but Natalie and Vanusa were kind enough to write up some quick information about how they ended up in Vallarta and the tastings that they offer.


Puerto Vallarta has been a bit of a desert for wine enthusiasts looking to book Mexican wine tastings or to buy high-quality Mexican wines during their stay in town.

While options for tequila tastings sprout on every corner, wine lovers didn’t get the same love, since there weren’t any options to enjoy and discover new Mexican wines in Vallarta. Until now, that is!

Uncork Mexico, a new wine concierge service just launched by friends Natalia and Vanusa in 2017, aims to fill in that gap.

Natalia and Vanusa are native from Guadalajara and Brazil (respectively), and moved from Brooklyn, New York to Puerto Vallarta in April of 2017 in search of a better lifestyle and set on the goal of promoting Mexican wines in Puerto Vallarta.

They spent the summer meeting with Mexican winery owners and wine importers (and tasting a whole bunch of wines, of course), and launched Uncork Mexico in the fall.

Uncork Mexico offers 2-3 weekly wine tastings in Puerto Vallarta, with locations all over the city. Clients can choose from a variety of themes, including Mexican wine tastings, Modern Italian Wines, Rosés by the Pool, Red Wines from Around the World, etc – the list goes on and on.

Another option is to book a private wine tasting, where you can literally call all the shots – the location, the time, the theme, etc, and they make it happen!

To top it all off, you can visit their very cool online wine shop to discover new wines, purchase the exclusive wines from the tastings and have them delivered to your door within 24 hours. The shop has a handpicked selection of wines, and you can easily talk to Natalia (the wine expert of the duo) using their live chat.

So – just when we thought Puerto Vallarta couldn’t get any better, here comes yet another reason this town is a little paradise on earth.


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