Gringos vs. Mexican Street Tacos // Life in Puerto Vallarta Vlog

Taco Tour (1)

This blog post accompanies our Youtube video by the same title. These vlogs document our daily life here in Puerto Vallarta. For more information on great food in town, check out this post!


⇒Panchos Takos

  • Location: Calle Basilio Badillo 162, Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta
  • What to order: tacos al pastor or chicken and cheese tacos
  • Cost: 13 pesos per al pastor taco, 64 pesos for four chicken and cheese tacos
  • Notes: Pancho’s opens at 6pm and is usually quite crowded from then on. Inside the restaurant can get really toasty warm, so snag a seat outside if possible!

⇒Memo’s Tacos

  • Location: Calle Basilio Badillo 400, Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta (at the intersection of Basilio Badillo and Aguacate)
  • What to order: bush taco (similar to the most delicious hamburger…in the form of a taco)
  • Cost: XXXX
  • Notes: Memo and his wife have been at this taco stand for years and years. His friendly smile and wonderful food are worth sharing. Seating is on the sidewalk.


⇒Taqueria Las Güeras

  • Location: Venustiano Carranza 493, Puerto Vallarta (at the intersection of Naranjo and Venustiano Carranza)
  • What to order: tacos al pastor
  • Cost: 13 pesos per taco (including meat of choice: pastor, asada, chorizo, adobada, or chicken)
  • Notes: Las Güeras is such a neat place because it has an actual restaurant to eat in as opposed to only street seating. Bonus: get a crepe from THE crepe lady if she is there-it is worth every calorie!

⇒Güipi’s Taqueria

  • Location: Lazaro Cardenas 357, Puerto Vallarta (across the street from Farmacia Guadalajara)
  • What to order: alambre al pastor
  • Cost: special price for alambre al pastor is 49 pesos
  • Notes: The alambre al pastor is truly delicious! It is al pastor meat mixed with green peppers, onions, and spices to create the perfect Mexican stir fry.

⇒Arnulfo’s Churro Stand

  • Location: Aguacate 209, Puerto Vallarta (at the intersection of Lazaro Cardenas and Aguacate)
  • What to order: ….churros…lots of them
  • Cost: ONE peso per churro
  • Notes: No rocket science here….order churros…by the tons 🙂


Rant of the day:

Today we went on our very own self-guided taco tour!!

Thanks for tagging along and “tasting” all of the amazing tacos here in Puerto Vallarta with us. There are so many great places with street tacos and other food here. These are just a few of our favorites. Given them a shot and let us know what you think. Also, please tell us-what are your favorite taco stands here in PV?

Until then-

Keep it Kinetic,

Greg and Hillary

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