The Story Behind Our Videos

Since March 14th, 2016 we have uploaded a video every single day (except for that one time I felt deathly ill).
We have created videos that have almost no point whatsoever (except maybe to make you laugh), videos that are rich in information regarding Puerto Vallarta, and videos that have even made Hillary cry.
We never expected anybody except our parents to watch our videos. Just a few short months after starting our channel we have been blessed to have a community of people that interact with our content not only on Youtube, but across all forms of social media. We have said it a hundred times but the ability to interact with our viewers is, and always will be, the most fun aspect of creating our content.
You are what keeps the videos, blog posts, and pictures coming every day.
Thank you.
But how did they start?
Hillary and I created the blog a few years ago and like most projects, we would work on it in spurts. Oddly enough, we found that if you don’t give a project or idea an immense amount of attention, it is not going to get any attention from the outside world.
After some intense relaxation and reflection on a cruise ship in January of 2017, we decided that we were going to attack the blog like a business and not like a side project.
We started by posting more on twitter, Instagram, and we increased the amount of blog posts that we were writing. As much as I love writing, it is a love hate relationship. I love writing when I love writing and I hate it all other times.
I’m sure a few other authors feel the same way!
This conflicting relationship with writing combined with my interest in watching youtube videos led to an idea to start uploading videos in addition to writing blog posts. Our first few videos are terrible. I mean, really bad.
Nonetheless, once I knew that we would be moving to Puerto Vallarta again I decided that I was going to upload a youtube video every day.
Why every day?
I’m not really sure I have a good answer to that. It seemed #Really challenging.
I was right, it is.
I am much more motivated by big, challenging tasks like this than I am by simply creating a few videos a week.
My thought was never that people would watch our videos. I just wanted to create videos that I enjoyed watching. If I did that, we would at least have videos that we could look back on and be proud of.
That is still my measuring stick before I hit “upload”. Did I enjoy making and watching this video? Did I learn something? Did it make me laugh? If so, to me it is a success no matter how many views it gets.
Fortunately for us, there are a large number of people that love Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This made it easy for us to get our initial wave of viewers/community members. We instantly had something in common; our love for Puerto Vallarta.
Along the way we have made some great friends and had some amazing opportunities.
What started out as a way for us to be able to look back on our life has turned into a source of entertainment and information about Mexico.
What does the future look like?
So what do we want to come from our videos, blog posts, and work on social media?
That’s hard to say. Just 5 months ago I could have never predicted I would be writing this piece or responding to hundreds of youtube comments, so it is difficult for me to see what the next 5 months will hold, much less the next 5 years.
I hope not that we can gain more subscribers or views, but that we can connect more with the ones that we already have.
I hope that we can build not a wider community, but a deeper community.
I hope that we can continue learning from you!
I hope that we can continue to use our platform to inspire others to “Have Less. Do More. Be More”.
I wish I had the roadmap for these hopes, goals, and dreams, but I don’t. We may be able to take a first class flight to our destination, or we may get stuck in traffic while sitting in a smelly cab!
Either way, we are going to continue to attempt to create content that educates us, makes us laugh, smile, and sometimes cry and in the process we hope to have as many conversations with you as we can!
Thank you for everything that you do.
Did I ever get around to answer how we started the vlog? If not, we will just have to make a video about it!
Keep it Kinetic,
Greg and Hillary
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  • Walt Huntsman

    As a songwriter and sometime blogger, I can relate to your love-hate relationship with writing. On the other hand, it is obvious you enjoy making your videos, which I suspect is a large part of the reason people enjoy watching them.

    I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled across your videos as I wasn’t specifically looking for videos on Puerto Vallarta or even on Mexico. Once I watched one, though, I was hooked. I would, if you don’t mind, like to make a couple of suggestions for improving your videos (or at least standardizing them) from a technical standpoint.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that the audio levels anytime you incorporate music seem to be much higher than the levels for your spoken audio. If you don’t use it already, Audacity is free audio editing software that, among other things, allows normalizing of audio so it all sounds relatively the same in terms of levels.

    The other thing I personally would like to see is more of the sights and sounds of Puerto Vallarta. When you show scenery of the area, some of the shots only seem to last a second or so. While I think that does work sometimes, there are other times when a more relaxed editing pace might better convey the scenery.

    I haven’t watched every video, so I may be off-base here, but I would love to see a few more informational videos and interviews. I don’t speak Spanish, but interviews with some of the locals might be a nice addition, especially if they speak English or if there is a way to get a translation.

    Regardless, you have a great channel here, and you are obviously enjoying yourself. I wish I could convince my wife to take the plunge so we could do the same. Keep up the good work!