Querétaro Must Visit: El Ring Cereal Bar

We recently visited El Ring Cereal Bar and created our mixed masterpiece of cereal blends and toppings!

We sat down with Ed, the owner of El Ring Cereal Bar in Querétaro to learn more about his dream, his past, and his vision. Ed fled from Venezuela in May of 2017 to Mexico with the dream of opening a business here. He had seen cereal bars in Europe and the US before and as a cereal lover himself, decided on just that. The restaurant boasts cereal from here in Mexico, the US, and even China! The Lucha Libre theme comes from a deeper meaning. From Ed’s past, he knows that every person has an inherent fight in them. The Lucha theme encourages people to be a fighter for his or her self, their families, etc.

The place was incredible and we had a lot of fun mixing and matching our cereals and toppings together to create an awesome concoction! Here is more information about El Ring Cereal Bar:

Restaurant website: https://www.elringcerealbar.com

Address of location in El Centro: Norte, Calle Dr. Leopoldo Río de la Loza 8, Centro, 76000 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 930am – 8pm;  Friday and Saturday from 930am – 9pm; Sunday from 930am – 7pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elringcerealbar/


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