Is Puerto Vallarta Safe?

Is Puerto Vallarta Safe?

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We use anytime we want to research and compare cost of living and crime/safety in different cities. However, as good as the numbers are, some people want to hear directly people that lived there. If that is you, keep reading:)

Hillary and I don’t exactly fit in anywhere south of the Rio Grande, so safety is always a major concern when traveling. We always try and do our research before visiting a new location.

Hillary and I lived in Puerto Vallarta from August to December. We can both say that we felt more safe there than we did in Dallas, Texas. We lived in an area that was a mixture of locals, expats, and vacationers, with locals making up the majority of the population.

I wrote about it in another post, but the people of Puerto Vallarta are the nicest people we have ever met!

For our safety, we always used our best judgement when going out. We tried to avoid walking around the city late at night, walking alone, or being unaware of our surroundings. We would do the same in any city though. So these precautions aren’t particular to Puerto Vallarta. We knew plenty of locals and expats alike that went out late at night and never had any issues or concerns.

Regardless of whether you are staying downtown or in a resort I do not believe that you should worry about your safety. We took city busses, a bus to Mascota, way too many taxis, and walked all over the city and never once felt threatened.

After a few hours of being in Puerto Vallarta you will forget about your safety and be in awe of just how nice everybody is! This of course, is dependent upon you being nice to them as well:)

Open your eyes and your heart and you will see that the same people that we demonize in our news are wonderful, caring people.

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