Puerto Vallarta in Pictures


I had never sat at a table that was in the water; there’s a first for everything!



Exercising, even when on vacation, is always a must!



Sunsets and storms!



Why so sad!?



Beach selfie!



Hillary with a street performer!



Selfie from out condo! About to go explore the downtown area.



Dinner and a michelada. Not to be confused with an ENCHILADA, which is definitely not the same thing…



Downtown selfie!



Enjoying some tacos at Pepe’s!




Our water taxi guide.



The perfect drinks for a hot day at the beach!



Chasing waterfalls at Yelapa Beach.



Water taxis in Boca! We can’t wait to go back here and explore this area a little more.



Still water, birds, and lots of pretty colors!



Accidentally ended up in this small town called Boca, but it ended up being one of the prettiest places we saw!




Hillary was so in love with all of the cheap pastries at the grocery store!



Is it possible to get tired of eating chilaquiles!?



The condo we stayed at! Absolutely loved this place! It’s called “The Icon”, if you’re interested.



Hillary is always chasing the perfect “after sunset” picture!



We love chasing sunsets!



View from our beach chairs at the condo.



After a long hot day of roaming around the local beaches, we really enjoyed this watermelon water!



Roaming the streets of Puerto Vallarta! It seems I lost my eyes…



Pretty water and rocks at Conhas Chinas



We had a blast exploring the area of Conchas Chinas.



View from our arrival into Puerto Vallarta!


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