Why Now is the Best Time to Move to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Why Now is the Best Time to Move to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Imagine waking up and drinking coffee on your balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean while a cool breeze brushes against your face.

You watch the city come to life and eventually head out the door to grab a delicious Mexican breakfast, not more than 50 yards from the beach.

Feeling stuffed, you take a short stroll to the beach and watch the waves roll in as the sun continues to rise above you. Several hours of relaxation continue. You and your spouse decide to watch the sunset and have dinner on the beach. You order your favorite dish and a nice bottle of wine. Before returning home, you stop by Kaiser Maximilian Cafe to grab coffee and a delicious creme brulee. 

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien (17)

Sounds amazing right?

What if this was your life? What if the dream day above costs you and your spouse less half as much as it would in the States?

Too good to be true? Not a chance!

This is exactly how Hillary and I spend several days out of the week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

If you are thinking of packing your bags and moving abroad, now is the time! We did and we have not looked back once.

At the time of this post, one US Dollar equals almost 20 Mexican pesos. What does that mean? It means your dollar packs quite a punch in Mexico! The cost of living in places like Puerto Vallarta are at all time lows because of this!


You can easily find apartments for $500-1,200 USD  per month with ocean views, close to restaurants, and everything else you could want! Other costs are even cheaper.


A dinner for two at an expensive restaurant may set you and your spouse back $20-25 dollars. This would probably include an appetizer and a glass of wine each. For that price in the States you can hardly buy a kids meal! At a mid-range restaurant you will be able to eat for two at around $10 dollars total. In the low-end range (think street tacos) you can eat at $5 dollars or less for the both of you! That is just hard to beat.

The best part is that often times these taco stands have better food than some of the higher end restaurants. Though, we do have a strange affinity for tacos!

Buying food from the local markets or super stores is just as cheap!


⇒Health Care Costs

Unfortunately, we have had to go to the doctor several times while living in Mexico. Luckily there is a really nice hospital close to our house that has a urgent care type doctor. I do not think we ever spent more than $15-20 dollars for a visit and no more than $20 dollars for the “expensive” prescription that the doctor wrote.

We did not even bother trying to use our insurance because 1) we did not want to deal with all of the paper work and 2) it was just so cheap that it was not worth messing with!

We cannot attest to the cost or quality of having serious medical work done in Mexico, but the cost of routine checkups are extremely cheap!

Although money is a huge motivating factor, it is surprisingly not the best part about Mexico.

The warm, friendly, tranquilo (calm) environment ranks as the best part of Mexico.

⇒The People

If you are looking to escape the noise associated with life in the States, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is perfect for you!

Though we lived in Puerto Vallarta during the 2016 election, we felt insulated from the, shall we say, garbage that was the campaign.

So, if you are dreaming of a life that is more relaxed, a life that is more simple, a life that is more enjoyable, a life that you can actually look forward to, then moving to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is just what you are dreaming of. We can say that because we did it. We turned our dreams into a reality and we do not have one regret!



The combination of the low cost of living and the high levels of friendliness makes now the perfect time to escape the rat race and catch the first flight to Mexico!

Keep it Kinetic,


Hillary and Greg

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