Mexico City Turi Bus: Is It Worth It?

Mexico City Turi bus

Mexico City Turi Bus: Is It Worth It?

The Mexico City Turi Bus is a large double decker hop on-hop off bus tour around Mexico City. It has four different routes that allow you to see a large proportion of CDMX. Let’s be honest, it’s a super touristy kind of thing! Typically we like to get off the beaten path and explore things for our own, but on our most recent trip to Mexico City, we decided to give the Turi Bus a try!

The Turi Busses run from 9am to 9pm every day and cost 140 pesos per person on weekdays and 165 pesos per person on weekends. You can buy your ticket right when you get on the bus, so you don’t need to worry about printing off tickets or incurring any headaches to make this tour happen.

Mexico City Turi bus

Your ticket is good for all 4 bus routes (downtown, southside, Polanco, and Basilica. We hopped on our bus right at 9am and headed towards the Zocolo, where the Metropolitan Cathedral is located. After a short trip we headed down the Reforma and caught glimpses of some truly amazing statues along the route.

One great thing about the Mexico City Turi Bus is the audio program that gives you a quick history of what you are seeing. We could have walked to some of the areas that we saw but it would have taken way longer and we wouldn’t know what the heck we were looking at!

Mexico City Turi bus information

Our Turi Bus continued along the route to Chapultepec Park and Castle, through the neighborhoods of Condesa and Roma. We had initially planned to do both the downtown route and the southern route in one day, but after exploring Condesa and Chapultepec park by food, we were exhausted!

If you plan on getting off the bus at several locations along the route I would not plan on doing more than one bus route per day. IF you do decide to do more than one route, I suggest stopping somewhere to rest, eat, and recharge for a little while so that you can enjoy the last half of your day.

The real question is:

Is the Turi Bus worth it?

Absolutely! 140 pesos per person is a really affordable price to ride around the city, much less get an audio tour to go along with it! We suggest using the Mexico City Turi Bus on one of your very first days in Mexico City. This will allow you to get acquainted with the city and discover some different areas that you may want to discover on your own later on during your trip.

If you are looking for the best things to do in Mexico City, taking the Turi Bus has to be at the top of your list!


Keep it Kinetic,

Hillary and Greg

Mexico City TURI BUS

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