Location Review: Saint Thomas USVI

St. Thomas Location review

Location Review: St. Thomas

When we arrived in Saint Thomas, we knew we wanted to take a taxi to Brewer’s Bay Beach as we had done our (rare) bit of research before departing on our cruise. However, when we got to the taxi stand, the attendant told us that taxis did not go there and that it is not a nice beach…

Well, alrighty then!

This is why we do not make plans! Feeling slightly scammed, we got on the taxi to head to Lindquist beach. When I say taxi, what I really mean is a pickup truck that they fitted with benches in the bed..

Lindquist beach was pristine, crystal clear, and had amazing views of mountain islands in the distance. The beach itself sits in a small bay, so there are practically no waves in the area, making the water extremely calm and transparent.

I have been wanting to try open water swimming, so I figured this was the best place to try! I went out about 30 yards and swam up and down the beach from buoy to buoy for about 30 minutes-but not without swallowing a gallon of saltwater in the process!

After several hours of sitting in the sand, it came time for us to head back to the ship. We were about 15-20 minutes away from our ship, so we wanted to try and head back plenty early as to not cut it close. We were not entirely sure how the taxi system worked, but the park attendant at the beach told us to just wait on the other side of the street.

A few minutes passed and a taxi still had not arrived…crap.

Just as we were beginning to get nervous, a taxi pulled up on the other side of the street and honked at us to get on board. We exchanged strange looks, but decided that after not seeing a taxi for so long, it was worth checking out. The driver said the taxi went to the cruise ship terminal so we hopped on.

Our taxi to the beach was of course full of other cruisers. This taxi, on the other hand, was not.

This taxi was not quite as nice as the first cattle truck, I mean taxi, that we traversed in, and the passengers were definitely not tourists. That was one of those moments in which we both felt really vulnerable and out of our element.

The other passengers did not seem exceptionally nice.

After 15 minutes of driving, neither of us had any idea where we were going! The driver said the taxi went to the ship, but she did not say how long it would take.

We were worried.

I stuck my head inside the truck and asked the driver exactly how many minutes until we made it to the cruise ship. She said; “real soon”. Well, I have lived in Mexico long enough that real soon could mean anywhere from 1 minute to 1 week! So I asked for clarification and she told me that it would be another 15 minutes.

The initial route we took was strait West. However, when we got on the second taxi, we made the big loop indicated below. It was during this loop that we thought we might end up in somebody’s soup! (Only kidding mom! Well…kind of 🙂 )

Feeling somewhat relieved, we tried not to worry too much more.

Finally-we could finally see the ship in the distance!!

We made it-smooth sailing from here 😉

Until we didn’t…

Apparently there was a button we were supposed to press to inform the driver that we needed to stop. I guess my incessant bugging of the driver was not enough to remind her that we needed to stop at the ship!

Finally, when the taxi came to a (rolling) stop in traffic,we hopped off and paid the driver.

We were fuming!

After living in Puerto Vallarta where everybody is so nice, it was really frustrating to be in a place where nobody was willing to help you or just extend basic customer service.

I honestly felt more comfortable in Spanish -speaking Mexico than I did in the US Virgin Island of Saint Thomas.

Saint Thomas had the views, beaches, and scenery, but the general attitude of the locals that we met was not one that I would want to be around for more than a day. Given the opportunity, we would visit Saint Thomas if it were included in a cruise itinterary, but unlike San Juan, Puerto Rico, it is not a place we would go for an extended period of time.  

As with our other location reviews from our cruise, we realize that merely one day is not enough to fully experience a new place. If you have had a different experience with the locals in Saint Thomas, comment below and tell us just how wrong we are! Not 100% loving a place is not something we want to be right about!

Keep it Kinetic,

Hillary and Greg

Saint thomas


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