Location Review: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

old suan juan, puerto rico

There are just not enough words to describe the greatness that is Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. These pictures do not quite do it justice either-but let’s give it a shot!

Sunset in Old San Juan Puerto Rico
A beautiful sunset behind Old San Juan


Sunset in Old SanJuan Puerto Rico
Sunset and castle walls


Old San Juan Puerto Rico
It’s not every day you can take a selfie along a wall built in the 1500’s!


Fort in the distance in Old San Juan Puerto Rico
A great view along the coast of Old San Juan


Iguana in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Back to the story:

Immediately upon arriving in Old San Juan, we headed to one of our favorite cafes in the city, Caficultura. Situated close to a park, the food and atmosphere at Caficultura will have us going back for years to come. After filling up on coffee and food, we hit the streets to admire the forts and colorful buildings!

Old San Juan is one of our favorite cruise ports because you are instantly immersed in a different culture immediately after disembarking the ship-no taxis or excursions required! Of course, there are plenty of things to do in Puerto Rico outside of Old San Juan, but we suggest saving your money and simply exploring this historic town. After all, we have spent several days here and keep going back for more. Here are our recommendations for a one-day visit:

Put on your walking shoes, find some delicious coffee, check out the San Felipe de Morro Fortress, Castillo de San Cristobol, induldge in chocolate heaven at Casa Cortez Chocolate Bar, and take in the beautifully colored buildings! We have included a google map showing all of the highlights mentioned above, as well as a particular area that should absolutely be avoided (highlighted in red on map below-known as ‘La Perla’). There is so much more to do in Old San Juan but if you are short on time, this quick itinerary will ensure a good time!

Although we do not see ourselves living in Old San Juan (largely due to the cost of living), we hope to visit this amazing city over and over and over again. If you have any questions, comments, or additional recommendations for favorite things to do/see/eat in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico-we would love to hear from you!

Until then, Keep it Kinetic.


-Greg and Hillary

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