Location Review: Miami Beach

Location review of Miami Beach

Rolling our suitcases down the streets of Miami Beach was not exactly how we envisioned our visit to Miami Beach. But nonetheless, that is exactly what we were doing!


In typical Kennon fashion, we could not book a cruise the easy way. Instead of finding a cruise that departed from Galveston, Texas (our home state), we booked one out of Miami, Florida. We wanted to discover a location outside of the destinations that the cruise was going to, and we thought Miami Beach would be a perfect place for a couple days to explore 🙂

Although this decision created a little bit of a headache in almost missing the cruise, we do not regret the decision!

Miami Beach was one of the most memorable locations from our cruise experience. Having lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we love a little latin flare in our life. Miami had flare and then some!

We arrived in Miami Beach a little early and the Airbnb that we rented was not yet available. This left us “stranded” with our suitcases. Being Kinetic and all, we could not just sit there on the sidewalk for a few hours until the apartment was available; we took off exploring-bags and suitcases and backpacks and all.

First, we found our way to the most amazing cuban cafe called Las Olas Cafe (not to be confused with this Cafe de Olas in Puerto Vallarta). All of the workers were speaking Spanish, as were many of the patrons. We felt right at home!


Hillary had a mouth watering  egg and cheese sandwich and I had the smallest coffee ever (I know, it was espresso! :)). After killing some time there, we felt bad for taking up a table in the small restaurant so we grabbed our bags and hit the streets!

I was really trying to get my caffeine fix that day, so we ended up at another cafe called DIRT. This one was not quite as cool as the first, but it was a great spot to people watch and really take in the vibe of the city.

Although the distance between Las Olas Cafe and the second cafe, DIRT, was small, the differences in the area were vast! In a way, it felt like we were in Dallas, but on steroids.

People everywhere were dressed to impress, driving nice cars, we just felt a general atmosphere of keeping up with the Jones’. We really did not enjoy this aspect of Miami Beach. It made us believe that it is a great place for us to visit, but that it might not be a good long term home for our family. We really enjoyed the carefree environment of Puerto Vallarta, and lord knows I am not about to dress to impress every dang day!South Beach, Miami Beach

After two espressos, I was ready to move! We had been slowly walking East towards the beach, so we decided to trek the last little bit to make it to South Beach-suitcases and all!

South Beach, Miami Beach

Though we had our bags, we really enjoyed the beach! The water was really pretty and the beach seemed to go on for forever! I think we were both surprised at how much we enjoyed South Beach. Our expectations were low, but they were definitely exceeded.

South Beach, Miami Beach

Exhausted from carrying our bags, we finally made our way to our Airbnb. After a short nap, we were ready to hit the streets-this time without our luggage!

We walked to Ocean Drive and stumbled across a really cool car show! Brightly colored antiques stretched several miles down the road, accompanied by every type of street food that one could ask for!


We were in heaven!

Instantly, we could feel the unique culture that Miami had to offer.

Enamored by the sights and sounds, we continued to walk for miles-eventually making our way to the Lincoln Road Mall! Miami Beach put me in such a good mood that I was even willing to shop! (You guys-that is a pretty big deal.)


After we shopped until we dropped wandered through about two or three stores, we made our way back towards our apartment on 6th street.

The one thing I wanted to do in Miami was eat at a really cool Cuban restaurant, so our hunt for the best Cuban food in Miami Beach was on! Luckily, one of the highest ranked places in all of Miami Beach, Puerto Sagua, was really close to our place. The food and atmosphere at Puerto Sagua was really neat. I could eat Cuban sandwiches there every day! Stuffed and tired from a long day of walking, we made it back to our apartment ready to finally get some sleep.

The good thing about Miami Beach is that it has the atmosphere of a constant party. The bad thing about Miami Beach is that it has the atmosphere of a constant party… Great when you are awake and wanting to party…absolutely terrible when you are cranky grandparents trapped in mid-twent year-old bodies and exhausted and just wanting to sleep!

Needless to say, we did not sleep so well that night. Going forward, we would probably book a room in a hotel that is a little further away from the restaurants and bars instead of an Airbnb.

You live and learn!

Or, you read this and take our advice-do not stay in Miami Beach if you are cranky old people and enjoy peaceful, tranquil nights 🙂 If you are going to be tired, Miami Beach is not the worst place to be! There is enough espresso in that town to keep you awake for a year straight!

We stumbled our way into the Las Olas Cafe once more, and filled up on coffee, pancakes, bacon, and eggs. A simple lack of sleep will not deter us from exploring, so we set off to walk the opposite way that we had gone the day before.

We found a really cool pier that had amazing views of South Beach and meandered around admiring the architecture and dreamed of once again living in a beach town. Sadly, just like that, our time in Miami Beach was over . Conversely, this meant that it was time to go on the second leg of our cruise!

We really did have so much fun creating adventures and wandering around that city. In typical Kennon fashion, we explored the heck out of that city for the 1 and ½ days that we had there! We cannot wait to go back to spend more time at South Beach and find some more amazing places to eat and traverse through the city. We would highly recommend a weekend trip to South Beach-be ready for late nights, latin vibes, and some unforgettable food!

Keep it Kinetic,

Greg and Hillary


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