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Where did we eat?

Fredy’s Tucan and Los Muertos Brewing Company 

What did we order?

Greg ordered Machaca with egg at Fredy’s and chicken tenders at Los Muertos

Hillary ordered the Tucan’s Grand Slam at Fredy’s and chicken tenders at Los Muertos.

What did it cost?

Fredy’s Tucan – 220 pesos

Los Muertos Brewing- 155 pesos

Rant of the day:

Spend more time on things that bring value to your life. For example, we used to watch a lot of cable news, as most Americans do. However, now that we live in Puerto Vallarta we never watch the news at all. With this time away from the television we have been able to recognize that watching the news brought very little value to our lives and it usually just frustrated us. Why in the world would we willingly choose to spend our time on things that frustrate us!?

We encourage you to reevaluate what you spend time on and how much value each activity brings to your life. We can’t choose how to spend 100% of our time, but that fact makes it that much more important to be very careful in how we choose to spend our “free time”.

Hasta luego!

Keep it Kinetic,


Greg and Hillary

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