How to Find Cheap Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

How to Find Cheap Rentals in Puerto Vallarta
 How to Find Cheap Rentals in Puerto Vallarta How to Find Cheap Rentals in Puerto Vallarta How to Find Cheap Rentals 
One of the best things about Mexico right now is that it is very affordable for Americans to travel there. Your accommodations will be the most expensive thing you will buy when traveling. It pays to do some research and find the best deals!
Here are some great tips to help you find an affordable place to stay when visiting Puerto Vallarta!
Everybody has their favorite travel search websites, is definitely one of ours. It is super user friendly and we have always had good experiences with them. If you are going to Puerto Vallarta for a few days or a week, staying at a hotel is a good option to consider. Hillary and I have found that we prefer hotels for short term visits. This is because they are often a little bit more comfortable and you know exactly what you’re going to get. With the use of the maps and filters, you can’t go wrong using
If you prefer to stay in more residential areas or you are staying in Puerto Vallarta for an extended period of time, Airbnb may be the way to go. We have rented two different apartments in Puerto Vallarta from Airbnb. The first was for a few days and the other was for four months. In both cases we had tremendous experiences! One way to increase the likelihood of an enjoyable experience is to read the comments about your rental before you book it. This can be time consuming, but it’s never fun to arrive to your apartment only to find out it’s a piece of junk! Often guest comments will let you know if the bed was comfortable, what the neighborhood is like, if the host was responsive and friendly. Use the filters and map tools to narrow down your search by location, amenities, size, etc.
Ah, good ol’ Craigslist! We have found the cheapest apartments (they looked nice too) on Craigslist. Craigslist seems to be better if you are renting something that is relatively soon, versus months in advance. As with any good deal, it may take a little more work to find the perfect place if you’re using Craigslist. Using google translate may be helpful, as well as being able to determine if the price is in USD or Pesos. When inquiring about a post on craigslist it’s always a good idea to ask them to send you more pictures and any and all information that may be important. Please, please, don’t send them money way before you get there. If you do, make sure you do your due diligence to determine it’s not a scam.
This group has some great information about all aspects of the city. You can search through old posts to find answers to your questions or pose your own questions to the group about renting an apartment. It is likely that somebody in the group can point you in the right direction.
Please note that this group can be a little “much” sometimes. It is no reflection upon the city of the locals, but don’t get caught up reading the expat rants in the group…Just wanted to give a fair warning!:)
Find apartment searchers in PV
Google search “Puerto Vallarta Apartment Rental Agencies” and several businesses will pop up. A rental agent will help you find a rental that suits your needs perfectly. This option is great if you don’t want to do much research and if you are staying for 6 months to 1 year in Puerto Vallarta. I have found that most apartments listed on these sites are on the expensive side. Again, we only recommend this option if you are staying long term.
The Property GIrl
Gloria Banorvic
Go first, find the neighborhood you like, talk to people on the streets or look for “For Rent” signs
This option is by far the most risky, but you’re likely to find the best deal if you opt for this route. Hillary and I are too much of chickens to try this, but I am convinced it would work. There are many places in Puerto Vallarta that aren’t listed on big websites and are rented through referrals and word of mouth. For example, whenever we lived in Puerto Vallarta for four months, one of our neighbors had a two bedroom apartment that he rents for 250 USD/month! That’s hard to beat!
So what’s our favorite method?
We love Airbnb! The ability to see ratings and comments really helps us choose the right place to stay!
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HOW TO find cheap rentals in Puerto Vallarta
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