Exploring Local Markets in Mexico // Life in Puerto Vallarta Vlog


In today’s Puerto Vallarta vlog we start off by exploring the Emiliano Zapata Market in El Centro. Local markets in Mexico are a great place to feel the culture of the neighborhood. In these markets you are picking out your food right next to local restaurant owners, families, and the occasional expat. From tortillas to pinatas you can find everything you need in Mexican markets.

Think of it like this. Within a Walmart you can find pretty much everything you need. You may have to walk half a mile within the store, but Walmart probably has what you’re looking for. Mexican markets are similar to that, except the market building consists of many different shops and vendors.

For those of you wondering about prices:

3 Avocados, 4 apples, and 6 tomatoes was 100 pesos (about 5 dollars)

1 loaf of bread – 25 pesos

12 eggs – 15 pesos

2 large rolls of paper towels – 25 pesos

We will definitely visit the Emiliano Market again to show you some different shops and to give you a better idea of the prices.

In the second half of this video we go to one of our favorite restaurants, Barra Light. Barra Light has excellent salads, sandwiches, and even juices! If we are craving healthy food (who does that?), but we want a lot of Food, Barra Light is our first choice!

After dinner we get serious.

Hillary and I have partnered with Crossfit Zapata to create a fundraiser for CANICA Puerto Vallarta. CANICA helps pay the transportation costs for kids that have cancer in Puerto Vallarta. These families have to pay about 86 USD (which is exorbitant) to go to Guadalajara and back for their treatments! I can’t imagine having cancer, much less not being able to afford to catch the bus to the hospital!

Our fist goal is to raise $2500 USD for CANICA. This will help each family get to Guadalajara and back one time. Whether you can help with a monetary donation or by sharing our donation page, any and all help is appreciated!

Hasta Mañana!

Greg and Hillary Kennon


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