HOW DID WE END UP HERE!? // Life in Puerto Vallarta Vlog

This blog post accompanies our Youtube video by the same title. These vlogs document our daily life here in Puerto Vallarta. For more information on great things to do in town, check out this post!

⇒Where did we eat?

We ate breakfast at Coco’s Kitchen and lunch at Chili’s. Yes, yes, I know….

Our meal was around 350 pesos including the tip.

Address to Coco’s

Púlpito 122, Olas altas, Puerto Vallarta, JAL

⇒What beach did we go to?

We visited Playa Los Muertos. Los Muertos is a great beach because it is close to town, close to restaurants, and it is plenty long giving people space to spread out! You can find out more about Playa Los Muertos here!

Rant of the day:

How did we end up in Puerto Vallarta?

Well, you can read our full story on our about us page, but I have always been one to come up with some pretty crazy ideas. These ideas don’t usually materialize into something real, but this time was different. Through some different books I was reading (The Four Hour Work Week, The $100 Dollar Startup, and a few others) I began to realize that although we were nowhere near being able to retire (about 45 years off in fact!), we could still travel, have fun, and live the life of our dreams. We started researching places all around Mexico and central and South America. About two years of planning, dreaming, and thinking later, we came to Puerto Vallarta, on vacation and fell in love.

We loved the people, the beaches, the walkability, the cost of living, and so much more! We aren’t sure how long we will be in Puerto Vallarta, but for now, we are going to love every second of it!

Until then-

Keep it Kinetic,

Greg and Hillary

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