Ditching Dallas

We are moving to Mexico!

You read that right, the Kennons are moving to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! I guess we need to change the blog’s name to “¡Los Kennixicans!”.

Later this month, we will set off for our adventure of a lifetime. As of now, it seems as though we have way more questions than we do answers, but one thing we do know is that we cannot believe one of our life dreams is coming true!

We are not sure when the exact moment was that we thought we wanted to live abroad. Some of my earliest thoughts about living abroad are thanks to Tim Ferris’ book The Four Hour Workweek. I remember reading his book and being amazed at all of the opportunities that existed if only we were able to save our money and take control of our time. Through The Four Hour Workweek I could see life from a different perspective. A perspective that didn’t dictate that we stay in the rat race. A perspective that allowed us to learn how to travel long term for less money than it costs to live back home. A perspective that has allowed us to open our eyes to a world full of opportunities for us if we were willing to work hard and discontinue the tradition of trading time for money.

To keep with my annoying tradition, I just HAD TO TELL HILLARY about these ideas that I was reading! While she amuses me by listening to my rants about my books, I am not sure her listening to my book reports is the most exciting part of our marriage…but as mundane as my book reports are, they sparked a new way of thinking within us. I can distinctly remember sitting at the resort that we stayed at for our honeymoon discussing just how badly we wanted a life of travel in our future. We spent the next two and a half years going on walks and talking about all of our travel dreams. I even have emails saved that were sent a month after our honeymoon about different ideas on how we could live and work abroad, where we could move to, etc.

Knowing that living abroad was within our reach was empowering, but it also taunted us a little. We knew there was more to life than what we were experiencing and we knew we could uncover these new experiences, but we would also to take a leap of faith to make it happen. We took that leap just a few short weeks ago.  We talked to our jobs, our families, and cancelled our lease in Dallas.  What a vulnerable, but amazing leap.

We are excited, anxious, nervous, but mostly gracious for this opportunity to do what we love and share our adventures with others.  I hope we are able to spark interest in travel and provide some insight on how we made this a reality and you can, too.  We hope you will follow along on our journey!

Stay tuned for how we broke our exciting news to our closest family and friends!

Keep it Kinetic,




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  • Uzarate

    Looking forward to reading and watching all your adventures on your journey. Currently I live in Austin, TX but Puerto Vallarta is one of my favorite places in the world and where I hope to retire to in the not so distant future!

    • That’s exciting! We love Puerto Vallarta! Although, I think we want to explore a few more places before we decided upon our retirement location:)

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  • Stephen Harvey

    Hey Greg! Would love to know how you managed your move to Puerto Vallarta?

    • In what aspect? Financially? How the move went? Just wanted tof clarify so that I answer your question in the best way.

      • Stephen Harvey

        I guess in both aspects really did it help you financially? And the legal process to move and live there. I mainly ask because I’m looking to move there for 6 months and work for Vallarta Adventures as an experience. I have been to PV a few times and know the area but regards to working for Vallarta Adventures where would you recommend I live and do you know anyone who works for this company. I am from New Zealand so there is a lot of planning ahead for this move

        • Unfortunately I don’t know anybody that works for Vallarta Adventures. Check out the Facebook group “everything you need to know about Puerto vallarta”. Somebody in the group might know somebody that works for them. I would almost guarantee it actually. I know for Americans we have a 6 month tourist visa when you enter. I would assume it would be the same for you. You would just need to leave Mexico for one day to reset your visa. The bus system in PV is really good and will help you get everywhere. I would look at places near the marina or near el Centro. I bet Vallarta Adventures would be located out of one of those two areas. If nobody in that group knows anybody from VA, let me know and I can reach out to a few people I know.

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